Headlines — 10/23/16


John McCain says the GOP will block all Clinton SCOTUS nominees, the sad decline of baseball legend Curt Schilling, Donald Trump threatened to sue his accusers, and more.

Truthout – If Clinton elected, John McCain says GOP will prevent approval of Supreme Court justices.
Salon – The sad decline of baseball hero Curt Schilling, from ‘bloody sock’ to right-wing afterthought.
Talking Points Memo – Here’s what happens when you publicly oppose Donald Trump on the Internet.
Mic – Meet the activists fighting to save Tennessee’s children from ‘Islamic indoctrination.’
NYMag – Donald Trump claims he will sue women who have accused him of sexual misconduct.
Vox – Donald Trump and ISIS are pushing the same weird conspiracy theory.
The Root – Fear of a non-white planet.
Jacobin – Refusing to engage with Trump’s base will only guarantee the growth of the far right.
AlterNet – We are ignoring the worst dangers of Trumpism at our own peril.
Hatewatch – With three weeks to go, talk of ‘rigged election’ leads to promises of violence.