Dolly Kyle: Hillary Clinton Assassinated Vince Foster, Antonin Scalia, And Seth Rich


On the October 14, 2016 episode of Alex Jones’ InfoWars program, fellow conspiracy theorist (and alleged Clinton mistress) Dolly Kyle made a guest appearance to push deranged claims about Hillary Clinton murdering political opponents and whistleblowers, including Vince Foster and Antonin Scalia.

Kyle, whose WorldNetDaily-approved book Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir paints the Democratic nominee as an anti-Semitic and ableist coke addict, speculated that Hillary “hates” the armed forces because she was sexually assaulted, telling Jones,

I also think, and this is completely my opinion based on what I know about sex addiction, that I believe Hillary was sexually assaulted by a female. I also believe that she was sexually assaulted by a male — possibly someone in military uniform. Which is why she hates the military. She hates men, she hates women, she hates —

Jones cut her off to acknowledge that Kyle said this “like four months ago” as well. “But it’s in the WikiLeaks, she hates the military,” Jones continued. Kyle did him one better by stating that she “hates everyone” because she “hates herself” — a remark reminiscent of Donald Trump’s unhinged accusation last debate about his rival having “tremendous hate in her heart.”

Then, in addition to accusing Hillary Clinton of engaging in “projection 101” — “if she says Trump is racist, it’s because she’s racist” — Kyle brought up the murder of 27-year-old DNC staffer Seth Rich. Rich was walking home in Washington, D.C. in the early morning when he was shot twice in the back in what the police deemed a botched robbery attempt. To Kyle and Jones, Rich’s demise was only further evidence of a growing Clinton body count.

“And if anyone thinks that Seth Rich was killed randomly in a robbery, shot in the back in Washington, think again,” she said. “This guy was going to talk to the FBI. And anyone who knew anything knew it. Now here’s the other thing: they did not try to hide the fact that this was a hit.” Rich, it seems, was not the only target of the Clintons either.

As Jones astutely pointed out, when Antonin Scalia was found dead in February “they had found some pillows on his head” and it was announced that there would “be no autopsy.” He also blasted the media for publishing articles about the deceased Justice staying with “a secret society” when he died in an effort to “demonize him.” And the phrase “wet works” was mentioned in one of the Podesta emails, which implies an assassination.

Of course the pillow was not, as it was implied, found over Scalia’s face; his family did not want an autopsy conducted; and the use of the phrase “wet works” is used to describe more than just political assassinations.

In addition, it’s more than a little hypocritical for Alex Jones to criticize media outlets for their treatment of the hunting club he was staying with, considering the fact that the InfoWars website blared out headlines such as “SCALIA’S DEATH LINKED TO SECRET SOCIETY DEATH CULT” and “JUSTICE SCALIA DIED SURROUNDED BY LUCIFERIANS: SPECIAL REPORT.” On InfoWars, I suppose those facts are beside the point.


Kyle went along with Jones’ accusations of assassinating a Supreme Court Justice, and added that Clinton’s reaction to the death of Vince Foster was awfully strange. “Billy,” as Kyle calls the former president, “supposedly found out about” Foster’s suicide on Larry King Live.

His reaction, she recalled, was to say, “Well, we’ll never know what really happened.” A vague statement to be sure, but nothing incriminating. Unless of course you’re on InfoWars.