Headlines — 10/15/16


Trump has taken hate groups mainstream, three Kansas men were plotting to attack Somali immigrants, Texas’ voter-registration laws are reminiscent of the Jim Crow era, and more.

Bitch Media – Donald Trump is deplorable, racist, and Islamophobic but please don’t call him ‘crazy.’
Right Wing Watch – Trump surrogate says sexual assault talk is just what men do, like women having ’emotional breakdowns once a month.’
Salon – Armed Donald Trump supporters caught menacing Democratic campaign office.
Raw Story – Three Kansas men charged with bombing plot on local Kansas community of Somali immigrants.
Talking Points Memo – Trump camp offers colorful Brit as witness to dispute groping claim.
Mother Jones – How Trump took hate groups mainstream.
Think Progress – Donald Trump made the Religious Right implode in less than a week.
The Nation – Texas voter-registration laws are straight out of the Jim Crow playbook.