Gun-Toting Trump Supporter Wants To Hang President Obama And Exterminate Liberals

It seems as though one of Donald Trump’s deplorables has struck again. In a posted to YouTube on January 22, 2016, a Trump voter named Tony Maccaronio ranted against the possibly Muslim “being” in the White House, liberal and conservative politicians, and American “cowards” who failed to rise up and overthrow the government.

The full video, which is still up as of this posting, is titled “RESTORE AMERICA AND BRING THE GALLOWS TO WHITE HOUSE LAWN.”

“You have this being in the White House,” Maccaronio said ominously, referring to President Obama. “Is he a Muslim? Does he hate America? Whatever he is, everything he does is against the Constitution.” He also said Obama is “always doing things to put down Christianity” and “raise Islam up on a pedestal.”

“We, as Americans, over the last several generations have allowed the elitist lawyers to take over and dictate an agenda to us, and we just go around, ‘Oh I have to work. I gotta pay for my kids’ tuition. I have to put dinner on the table, put a roof over my head. I have to watch the football playoffs. Oh did you see my new Smartphone?’ Everything’s a distraction,” he groused. “And you’ve just given up freedoms, liberties, rights to the government to do what they want.”

“You know what? In our Constitution, we as the people were given instructions and the right to remove any government that no longer represents the people,” Maccaronio said. Instead, the American people are content simply electing the same people over and over. Of the Republicans, including Ted Cruz, he remarked that “most of the other ones are just totally useless,” unable to stop Obama’s agenda after taking the Senate back in 2014.

“We need to make an example of these people,” he said cryptically.

On Maccaronio’s personal Facebook page he is far more explicit, openly calling for the murder of elected officials and members of President Obama’s cabinet. In a Facebook post dated February 17, 2016, Maccaronio repeated the phrase “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA MUST BE EXECUTED”:

Maccaronio 1

Archived here.

In a February 23, 2016 post, Maccaronio wrote “I WANT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA ARRESTED,INTERROGATED [sic] AND HANGED”:

Maccaronio 2

Archived here.

Maccaronio appears to be a believer in the racist birther hoax which posits that Barack Obama and other non-white politicians are ineligible to run for, or serve as, president:

Maccaronio 3

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In a rambling and nonsensical post from February 28, 2016, he expressed his desire to “PUT A FUCKING .45 ACP, A 5.56 OR A 30-06 IN THE HEAD OF EVERY LIBERAL IN THIS COUNTRY”:

Maccaronio 4

Archived here.

The day after, he wrote, “IS ANYONE PLANNIGN [sic] ON EXECUTING HILLARY CLINTON BY HANGING TODAY?” And in a post from April 2016 he once again claimed she should be put to death:

Maccaronio 5

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Maccaronio 10

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He also demanded the execution of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the first African-American woman to hold that position:

Maccaronio 6

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Maccaronio 7

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On June 14, 2016, he posted a picture of a rifle with a caption mocking the Black Lives Matter movement. He commented on the picture that the Pulse nightclub massacre was an event staged by the federal government:

Maccaronio 8

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And on June 27, 2016, Maccaronio posted a meme showing a conversation between Back to the Future characters Marty McFly and Doc Brown in which the latter explains that in 2016 Hillary gets “convicted” and “they hang Obama at Trump’s inauguration:

Maccaronio 9

Archived here.

Is this what Trump had in mind when he claimed “Second Amendment people” could stop Clinton after she’s elected?