Headlines — 10/09/16


Republicans are rushing to disavow Trump’s misogynistic comments, police unions continue to back the Republican nominee, Trump allies caught promoting rape apologist Mike Cernovich, and more.

The Intercept – Police unions reject charges of bias, find a hero in Donald Trump.
Vice News – Alt-right trolls are getting 23andme genetic tests to ‘prove’ their whiteness.
Jezebel – Producer says there’s footage of Trump saying the N-word.
Media Matters – Trump allies promote rape apologist days after sexual assault revelations.
Mother Jones – Here are all the Republicans who have abandoned Trump’s ship so far.
Think Progress – As some Republicans repudiate Trump, the ‘Religious Right’ stands by their man.
Rewire – Contrary to debate claims, Pence has supported legislation punishing women for abortions.
Hatewatch – Alt-right celebrity @Ricky_Vaughn99 suspended from Twitter.
Haaretz – I hadn’t been called a kike since fourth grade; Donald Trump changed all that.