Men’s Rights Blogger Defends Donald Trump’s ‘Active Heterosexual Behavior’ From ‘Cuckservatives’

Today, in a video posted to his YouTube channel, blogger and man-going-his-own-way Bernard Chapin defended Donald Trump’s decade-old remarks about sexually assaulting women. Chapin downplayed Trump’s talk of grabbing women “by the pussy” and forcing himself on them as nothing more than “active heterosexual behavior.”

Staring blankly into the camera Chapin sarcastically claimed that he was “ashamed” of Trump’s behavior and would, henceforth, be “undergo[ing] castration” in order to “ease [his] transition into becoming a Democratic Party member, so I’ll fit in better with all the other eunuchs.” “Like many other cuckservatives,” he continued, “I renounce everything to do with active heterosexual behavior.”

Continuing to miss the point of the entire controversy, Chapin joked that he now wears blinders and keeps his baseball cap over his eyes to ensure he doesn’t look at women, because “a real man in our society” does not “notice a woman’s body, and values her for other things.” Things such as “her taste in television shows” and “talking about her life” — you know, the kind of thing normal human beings don’t have a problem with.

Chapin also said in jest that he supports Hillary Clinton, whom he sees as a “feudal master.” And if this is how angry and emasculated Chapin feels now that Trump’s sexual predation has come to light, just think how amusing his reaction will be once Clinton wins.

I’ve decided to undergo castration to ease my transition into becoming a Democratic Party member, so I’ll fit in better with all the other eunuchs. I am ashamed by Donald Trump’s behavior. Like many other cuckservatives, I renounce everything to do with active heterosexual behavior.

As you know, a real man in our society keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t notice a woman’s body and values her for other things, like her taste in television shows, talking about her life, discussions about how hard it was to wake up at 6 a.m. Things like that.

You do not notice when a woman has curves, or is wearing certain items of clothing. So also to ease my transition I have begun wearing blinders every day when I go out in society so I cannot see anything, particularly when I’m at the gym. What I do is I like to wear my hat down like this so I can’t see anything, then I have blinders on the side.

Anyway, that doesn’t matter. What matters is becoming a Democrat is what it’s always been about. I’m with her. That’s not some sort of little statement. It’s a way of viewing the world. I’m with her. I’m sacrificing for you. I’m with you, Hillary.

I look at you the way one would look at a feudal master, a feudal lord. I ask you, would you like 90% of the grain I produce this year? Would you like me to lay down my life in a battle against the Duke of York? Something like that.

That’s the way I look at it now. And it’s important for all of you to change the way that you are as well. Whether you’re going to go through the active [chopping gesture] castration process or the chemical castration process, this will become Castration Inferno, where we can all talk about the shame that we used to feel as unreconstructed males. I challenge you to do this with me.