David Duke: Louisiana Black Lives Matter Protest Was Like The Mau Mau Uprising

On yesterday’s episode of Fash the Nation, Senate candidate David Duke made a guest appearance to discuss his campaign and a recent protest in Louisiana over a statue of Andrew Jackson.

The protest was spearheaded by the anti-racist group Take ‘Em Down NOLA, whose website makes the demand that “the Mayor and City Council take immediate action to remove all monuments, school names and street signs dedicated to White Supremacists.”

According to the group, these symbols “litter our city with visual reminders of the horrid legacy of slavery that terrorized so many of this city’s ancestors” and “misrepresent our community.”

Duke, a supporter of racist symbols including the Jackson statue, helped form a contingent of counter-protesters which, according to news reports, left of their own accord. Of the black protesters in attendance, including people representing Black Lives Matter, Duke remarked that it was akin to “dealing with the Mau Mau.” Duke also stated that the name of the place they were marching was “Congo Square,” which he called “appropriate.”

“I felt like I was back at home in in Kenya when the Mau Mau,” he continued, adding that he was “waiting for them to throw the white babies around like footballs.” He then said that he recalled “over a thousand white people” showed up to protest the statue’s removal — just “normal people” in his words. The Black Lives Matter activists, on the other hand, “kind of surrounded me, screaming their epithets and their threats, and they also threatened a lot of the white people there.”

“They went full ooga booga,” said Fash the Nation host Jazzhands McFeels. “Yeah, a full chimpout, for sure,” Duke responded, eliciting laughter from McFeels. Duke also complained about the media coverage of the event, insisting that reports that he “retreated” were incorrect and biased. In actuality, Duke said, he and his fellow counter-protesters stayed for around two hours before leaving.