Headlines — 10/02/16

Pepe the Frog is declared a hate symbol, Mike Pence refuses to pardon an innocent man, a young white nationalist has become active in Kansas politics, and more.

NY Mag – How the Anti-Defamation League decided Pepe the Frog was a symbol of anti-Semitism.
The New York Times – Anti-Semitism at my university, hidden in plain sight.
Right Wing Watch – Roy Moore suspended for defying federal courts on marriage equality.
Think Progress – Trump tells his supporters to watch polling places in urban areas.
New Republic – Is Donald Trump a fascist?
Raw Story – Cold-hearted Mike Pence refuses to pardon a man wrongly convicted and proven innocent.
New Civil Rights Movement – Report suggests Trump paid no federal income taxes for 18 years.
Media Matters – These are the unhinged, misogynist co-authors of the book Trump is using to attack Clinton’s marriage.
The Root – Is there a crisis of confidence in black America with police, media?
KCUR (Lawrence, KS) – Young white nationalist seeks foothold in Kansas politics.