Flashback: Trump-Loving Radio Host Calls Beyoncé ‘Anti-White’, Compares Black People To ‘Chimps’

Since Donald Trump announced his presidential run last year with a nativist speech that blasted Mexican “rapists” who are “bringing drugs” and “bringing crime” to America, he’s successfully wooed racists across the country. Mike David of the Chicago-based Red Bar Radio appears to be no exception, given his rhetoric about African-Americans and race relations. David has, in the past, accused Beyoncé of trying to foment a race war and compared black people to chimpanzees.

On the February 9, 2016 episode of Red Bar Radio, David brought up Beyoncé’s controversial (for white people, anyway) Super Bowl halftime show. In it, Beyoncé debuted her song “Formation” — a pro-Black Lives Matter and anti-police brutality anthem. Naturally there was an abundance of white, conservative pearl-clutching in the days and weeks that followed, particularly from police unions which threatened boycotts.

David remarked  that he hadn’t “even seen the halftime show,” but that the music video for “Formation” is “anti-white.” “And it’s not up for debate,” he added. “It’s anti-white. These fuckin’ people want blood.” He offered a bizarre take on civil rights, claiming that there is “no such thing as wanting equality,” but only being “greater than” someone else or “seeking revenge.”

Which brought David to his point about Beyoncé and other black artists who protest state violence against black Americans. “They want revenge” like slaves who “wanna ransack the slave owner’s house and take it over.” “These people hate white people” or are “pandering to angry black people” by discussing issues that are a matter of life and death for the black community.

As for Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z, they want “white people would be in shackles, working for them” as slaves.

So, I haven’t even seen the halftime show. And I’m gonna talk about Beyoncé’s new video on the new music show coming up because boy oh boy was it anti-white. And it’s not up for debate. It’s anti-white. These fuckin’ people want blood.

There’s no such thing as wanting equality. There is only such [a] thing as greater than or seeking revenge. And what we’re seeing here with some of these entertainers right now, and especially if you follow music, is they are rallying angry black people to be even more angry at white people.

They don’t want equality. They want revenge, and you can see it in Beyoncé’s eyes. She feels like she’s in a position now — they all have that ‘I want…we wanna ransack the slave owner’s house and take it over.’ And all the music videos are starting to look like that. J. Cole and all these people, they shoot their videos like in the Django Unchained days.

And they’ve all got this attitude. Kendrick Lamar as well. These people hate white people, don’t get it twisted. Or they’re pandering to angry black people, but either way they want war. They want revenge. They wanna be in charge. If it was up to Jay Z and Beyoncé, white people would be in shackles, working for them. Don’t you understand?

In a separate episode on February 13, 2016, David made the observation that excited black people, in his mind, behave just like chimpanzees. Recalling footage of a Kanye West event at Madison Square Garden, David said that the black crowds in attendance were “chimping” — David’s “new favorite word.”

He calls it “chimping” unsurprisingly because when “black people are just having a great time” they, according to David, resemble chimpanzees. Of course, comparisons of black people with non-human apes and monkeys is part of a long, dark history of dehumanization and racial violence that doesn’t need to be elaborated upon here. Suffice it to say, the comparison was and is grotesquely racist.

Even his term “chimping” is probably derived from the slang term “chimpout,” which white supremacists use to describe black people rioting. In fact, there once existed a white supremacist website that was actually called Chimpout.

David evidently disagrees, claiming that it would only be racist if he “hated when monkeys had a good time.” But he doesn’t. “And that’s not true. I love when fucking animals have a good time,” he continued indignantly. “Including monkeys and apes. I don’t go to the zoo to see the goat, okay? I go to see the fuckin’ gorillas.”

He then clarified that he was not directly calling black people monkeys, but rather just saying they look and behave like them when excited, which totally makes it okay.

We’re chimping. That’s what I wanted to talk about. Kanye West did his thing at Madison Square Garden. We covered it live yesterday. The Yeezy Season 3 release, he played his entire album and they were chimpin’. They were all jumpin’ around. Him and his gang. Him and all these gang members. Pusha T I think was there. All these other gang members. And they were chimping.

So who came up with chimping? It’s my new favorite word. Chimping is where black people are just having a great time. And if people think that’s racist, go fuck yourself. You know? I’m sorry. It looks identical. And that’s not racist. It would only be racist is if I hated when monkeys had a good time. And that’s not true. I love when fucking animals have a good time. Including monkeys and apes.

I don’t go to the zoo to see the goat, okay? I go to see the fuckin’ gorillas. So take that as a compliment. I wish there was a zoo animal that fucking looked like me. Don’t go there! So when I say you guys are chimpin’, yeah that’s not a bad thing.

When a bunch of monkeys are all fuckin’ — it sounds bad, I know what you’re saying. I know what you’re thinking. It sounds bad when a fuckin’ bunch of monkeys — I’m not calling you a bunch of monkeys, I’m saying when you’re all having a great time, you have this jumping thing.

It’s like when I was explaining it on, when we watched it yesterday. When black people party now, they jump in fast motion and it looks like chimp — that’s what I mean, it’s like [screams] they’re havin’ a great time. It’s their way of moshing.

David previously made the news last year when his racist parody of the Duck Tales theme song was mistakenly used during a Virginia pep rally. Choice lyrics include “I hate fucking niggers,” “fuck Michelle Obama,” and “niggers like watermelon and chicken.”