Flashback: Peter Brimelow Offers Donald Trump Advice On Running An Anti-Immigrant Campaign

At this year’s AmRen Conference, VDARE founder and white nationalist Peter Brimelow gave a speech detailing some things Donald Trump could do to keep America white.

“Even without Congress, there’s a lot that Trump could do,” said Brimelow. For example, Trump could show up at the funerals of the “victims of illegal aliens.” (Since this speech was given months ago, Trump has already appeared with members of the Remembrance Project, a rabidly xenophobic group which distorts statistics about immigrant crime.)

He also pointed out that the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) listed some seventy executive actions he could take as President.

“At VDARE.com we’re very fond of what we call ‘strategic deportation,'” he continued. “That is to say you arrest — it’s like the Broken Windows Theory — you arrest and deport visible illegal aliens. They’re not in the shadows, so the next time there’s a big illegal alien demonstration, round them up and ship them out. Send a message.”

One of the tips that Brimelow himself suggested was an end to birthright citizenship — tricky since the Fourteenth Amendment explicitly calls for it — in order to “remove…the incentive” for immigrants to come here illegally or otherwise. Brimelow would also advise Trump to impose a “moratorium” on legal immigration and to pass an English language amendment.

During a Q & A at the end of Brimelow’s speech, one young, anonymous racist posed the following question: “Assuming, just a hypothetical, that Donald Trump wins not only the election but, he then goes on to complete all of the immigration policies in terms of [the] wall, mass deportations, et cetera, if all of those scenarios are met, how does that — or what, then, can you do to reverse the demographic trends?”

Indeed, this young man was worried about “fertility rates” in the white population versus the non-white populations. Brimelow did not seem as worried, however, noting that Americans’ birthrates — including African-Americans — are at replacement levels, not below. The only birthrates that are higher than that are those of immigrants.

And besides that, if the Republican Party is able to successfully “rallies the white vote base,” white people can still “keep control” for decades to come.

Brimelow moved on to another hot button issue for the racist right: the removal of the Confederate flag. The very idea that the South “can’t fly its own flag” — the “flag of the white South” as he called it — must be “taken head on.” And to those who rightfully object to the flying of the Confederate flag on government property, in spite of it being a symbol of racial terror and treason? “Get used to it.”