Joe Roper: David Duke Can Stop Companies from Firing Racist Employees

In September 18, 2016 video, Neo-Nazi YouTube commentator Joe Roper (a.k.a. Fascist Lemming) asked his viewers to vote for David Duke in his Senate race. According to Roper, Duke will take a stand against the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (which did away with national origin quotas) and prevent white supremacists from being fired for their racist views.

Roper acknowledged that many of his viewers would already be willing to vote for the former Klan leader, but asked people to pitch in and donate “shekels” because Duke “needs all the help he can get.” If he were to win, however, Duke — who “regularly” has Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin as a guest on his radio show — would send a “strong message” to their “enemies.”

Not only that, but Duke would be a boon for white nationalist policies, such as the reinstatement of discriminatory immigration laws and (my favorite) preventing employers from firing racist employees. Like, say, this Trump-supporting firefighter who advocated reinstating slavery in a Facebook post. It also remains unclear just how Duke would go about protecting these sorts of loathsome individuals, short of making “racist” a protected class under the law.

Don’t forget, if you live in Louisiana and you’re watching this channel, I know you’re gonna vote for [David Duke]. So everybody, if you can, send David Duke some shekels. He needs all the help he can get.

Can you imagine? Can you imagine this guy being in the Senate? This dude regularly has Andrew Anglin on his frickin’ radio show. Can you imagine if he won in spite of that? Like what a strong message that would send to our enemies? Like, you know that their days are numbered, basically? So please think about supporting him.

You can give him five bucks, you can give him fifty bucks, you can give him five hundred bucks, you can give him anything up to twenty-seven hundred bucks — most of us can’t do anything like that though.

But anyway, help the guy out. Show him some love. Show him some support. I like to talk about him a lot because if he wins, he’s gonna do all these amazing things.

He’s gonna push…he’s gonna force the Senate to take a position on the 1965 Immigration Act, and he’s gonna work to keep people like me and you from getting fired from our jobs for saying mean things about kikes and niggers, okay? So check him out.