Lana Lokteff and Jazzhands McFeels: The Endgame of the Alt-Right is a ‘White Ethnostate’

Segregation Sign

On a recent episode of Radio 3Fourteen, Lana Lokteff interviewed Fash the Nation co-host Jazzhands McFeels to clear up some misconceptions about the alt-right. Specifically, what the alt-right stands for, if not white identity politics. Lokteff began the episode by explaining that the alt-right’s “foundational principle” is

pro-white identity, stopping mass immigration to European countries, keeping white nations for white people, and creating a future for white children without forced multiculturalism and Leftist anti-white programming working to destroy Europeans and the civilization our ancestors have built. Alt-right isn’t just about calling out the ridiculousness of SJWs or feminists — which most people can see now. Alt-right is the fight for a white future and white lands, free of invaders and traitors who actively seek to ruin us, to make us feel guilty for the success and might of our ancestors as a means to conquer us.

She also noted that when people on the alt-right say “Western values,” what they mean is “white European values.” And when they say “Leftists,” included in that category are “Jewish elites and Jewish interest groups” that are “working against European nationalism.”

She then asked Jazzhands McFeels to break down, for her listeners, what white nationalism really means, acknowledging that when most people hear the phrase they instinctively think of words like “genocide.”

“Well, to me, at the very least [white nationalism] means that we should be able to advocate on our own behalf and for our own interests, and to stop the interests of others from prevailing over ours,” he replied.

He admitted that he found it unlikely that white people would be able to achieve this goal without some form of racial separation. His “sincerest hope” is that a Trump presidency will “turn things around.”

Eventually, McFeels believes the overall goal of their movement should be what he calls a “white ethnostate.” Lokteff agreed, adding that voluntary separation might work for America, but in Europe non-whites would have to be deported because “that’s our continent and we need it.”