Headlines – 9/17/16


Trump’s possible SCOTUS appointee opposes women’s suffrage, Donald Trump Jr. denies knowledge of alt-right meme, how the media cooked up a BDS controversy at Syracuse University, and more.

Think Progress – Trump’s potential SCOTUS appointee thinks America took a wrong turn when women got the vote.
Hatewatch – Kyle Bristow’s ex-wife discusses her experiences being married to an alt-right figure.
The Daily Dot – Donald Trump Jr. denies relationship with Pepe the Frog.
Raw Story – How Big Tobacco fakes supporting black Americans to keep them buying cigarettes.
AlterNet – How The Atlantic magazine and mainstream media manufactured a BDS scandal at Syracuse University.
Talking Points Memo – The origin story of the big lie that Hillary Clinton started Birtherism.
Media Matters – The media shouldn’t let Trump move on from Birtherism.