Headlines – 9/12/16


Donald Trump embodies a new strain of authoritarianism, states are hiding cop killings from the federal government, white supremacist Matt Forney is trying to dox a rape victim, and more.

The Washington Spectator – Diverse and perverse: The coalition that Trump built.
The Daily Beast – States hid cop killings from feds and violated the law.
Jezebel – Trump supporter charged with hate crime for allegedly assaulting two Muslim women pushing strollers in Brooklyn.
Mic – Islamophobia in America is worse on 9/11/2016 than it was on 9/11/2001.
Think Progress – Germany’s anti-immigrant party falls flat in latest local election.
Salon – How the PATRIOT Act normalized xenophobia after 9/11, and planted the seeds for Trump’s rise.
AlterNet – The new, old authoritarianism of Donald Trump.
We Hunted the Mammoth – Matt Forney hates vigilante justice so much he’s trying to dox a rape victim.