David Duke And Co-Host Call Hillary Clinton An Agent Of ‘White Genocide’

On the September 7, 2016 episode of his radio show, David Duke and co-host Jay Hess hyped black-on-white crimes and accused Hillary Clinton of being an architect of “white genocide.” As Hess put it, Clinton “represents the forces of white genocide” and is “definitely a traitor to her people” who doesn’t care if white people are “outbred.”

Duke chimed in, adding that Clinton “has to know” that “this massive immigration is going to destroy the foundations of this country.” It will even be “destructive of our children” since it will render society “lawless” and “brutal.”

With that, Duke segued into the argument that white people are being targeted for non-white violence. He insisted that there are “hundreds of thousands of white victims of massive non-white crime.” He went on to say that

When a person goes to the store, they go to the mall, or they drive somewhere in their car and they break down, or they stop at a traffic light and they might get hijacked, nine times out of ten it’s not gonna be some white guy hijacking their car. It’s not gonna be a white guy kidnapping them at the Walmart, right? And, you know, taking their family and slaughtering them, or robbing them or raping the women. That’s just the reality of life in this country.

Hess then stated that he feels “so bad for the future of this country because if things continue to go the way they are, there will not be an America, as we know it, existing in another twenty years.”