Andrea Hardie Claims That Racial Minorities Will ‘Evolve Toward Whiteness’

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In a recent video posted to her YouTube channel, Andrea Hardie — the men’s rights activist who goes by the pseudonyms Janet Bloomfield and JudgyBitch — addressed white supremacists’ claims of “white genocide.”

Instead of refuting the crackpot idea that there is a conspiracy to use immigration and interracial marriage in order to destroy the white race, Hardie instead claims white genocide could never happen because white people are (supposedly) the racial “gold standard” and can never die out and, in the process, edges even closer to outright white supremacy.

“Let’s talk about the universal preference for lightness,” said Hardie, who was previously banned from Twitter for violent threats and racist rhetoric. “This is something that you see in virtually every culture, no matter where you go, anywhere on the Earth.” She noted that, for example, in India “the paler you are, the better” in terms of physical attractiveness. In fact, no matter where you go there is a “universal preference” for light skin, hair, and eye color.

The underlying explanation for colorism might be racism, she said, but she asserted this was incorrect. Instead, Hardie said the preference for light features stems from them being a “natural paternity test.”

Hardie said that since both she and her husband have blonde hair and blue eyes, the odds are overwhelming that their children would have the same features. On the other hand, had she “given birth to a child that had darker skin tone, had black hair, had green eyes,” her husband would have been justified in questioning his paternity.

Hardie further posited that since skin tone was the result of groups of humans migrating to different parts of the world, “people will always evolve toward whiteness.” “Whiteness is the gold standard of human evolution,” she ludicrously concluded.

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