Colin Flaherty: Cops Across The Country Have Become A ‘Target’ Of ‘Black Violence’

Anti-black writer Colin Flaherty — whose 2012 book White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It supposedly documents a trend of black-on-white violence — made an appearance on the white nationalist Red Ice Radio podcast.

On it, he denounced Black Lives Matter and pushed the myth that there is some kind of unprecedented attack on police officers.

Flaherty, it seems, has built a career on using anecdotal evidence (YouTube clips and comments on online articles) to paint the picture of a violent race war being waged against white people.

In his August 29, 2016 interview with Red Ice Radio host Henrik Palmgren, Flaherty claimed that “this whole black-on-white thing is wildly out of proportion” along with the “black violence directed at cops, versus the other way around.” As Flaherty asserted, “Every cop in America, now, is a target of black — it’s very racial — black harassment, black taunting, black threats, black violence, and even black murder.”

Palmgren asked Flaherty who was responsible for this supposed “black violence,” positing that perhaps the media bore some of the blame. “Well that’s part of it,” he replied, adding that you could talk to any cop in America about the “racial harassment” they must endure at the hands of ordinary, unarmed black citizens.

Flaherty proceeded to gin up fear over black violence against other racial and ethnic groups, saying that “we document black-on-white violence by the thousands” as well as violence “against old, against gay people, against young people, against Asian people.” He also asserted that gangs of black people are traveling around the country in order to attack and rob Indian-Americans.

These gang members simply “pick up a phone book,” search for an Indian last name — quite easy, he assured his listeners, because “there’s only like six” last names in India — and “do home invasions” on their victims. And because “Indians love gold,” these alleged black gangs “grab their gold, or you just get ’em on the street” because they’re “such soft targets.”