Hosts of ‘The Daily Shoah’ Envision an Ethnic Cleansing of America


Just as coverage of the white supremacist alt-right began heating up in the mainstream media — even working its way into a rather impressive Clinton attack ad — the hosts of The Daily Shoah invited former Gawker reporter Brendan O’Connor to discuss the movement’s goals.

As O’Connor made clear before the podcast’s airing, he completely disagrees with the racist views espoused by Mike Enoch et al, but agreed to hear them out due to his fascination with “right-wing populist and neo-fascist movements.”

In the episode, posted to The Right Stuff on August 23, 2016, O’Connor asked the “Death Panel” to clarify their views on what should happen to non-whites. Unsurprisingly, Daily Shoah host Mike Enoch called for making “America a white country again,” and insisted that if Donald Trump were elected president — and provided we adopted most of his policy proposals — “we could significantly reduce the Mestizo population of the United States within a few decades.”

Enoch pointed to the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 to prove that multiculturalism has only existed for the past fifty years in America. More commonly known as the Hart-Celler Act, the law is still reviled by white nationalists for abolishing the national origins quota system that excluded nearly all non-white immigrants.

When O’Connor pressed them on whether they favored both stopping immigration and expelling non-white naturalized citizens, both Enoch and SeventhSon answered in the affirmative. “Much of it can be achieved by giving them the incentive to leave,” Enoch said.

First, he suggested putting an end to birthright citizenship — which would effectively need a favorable Supreme Court ruling and a deliberate misreading of the Fourteenth Amendment. The second step would be eliminating “social welfare and institutional support” for non-citizens.

Of course this doesn’t answer the question of, logistically, how these people would be removed from the country if they didn’t wish to do so.

Enoch also addressed the “problem” of the declining white birthrate in the U.S., laying the blame for it on non-whites as well. “One of the major things that’s collapsing the white birthrate is diversity,” he claimed, explaining that white couples are declining to have children because they are unable to send them to white schools or raise them in white communities.