Headlines — 8/20/16


The alt-right celebrates Steve Bannon’s inclusion in the Trump campaign, Baltimore ends its contract with a Neo-Nazi lawyer, Trump cites anti-immigrant group in his latest TV ad, and more.

The Daily Beast – Alt-right rejoices at Donald Trump’s Steve Bannon hire.
Media Matters – Breitbart News’ worst headlines.
Salon – Baltimore ends contract with lawyer linked to Neo-Nazis who defended cops in case against wrongfully imprisoned black man.
Right Wing Watch – Trump’s dystopian TV ad cites anti-immigrant group’s attack on DACA/DAPA.
Think Progress – Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio could face criminal charges over racial profiling.
Feministing – New pipeline will keep us dependent on an industry that harms women.
AlterNet – Washington man stabs kissing interracial couple, cites Donald Trump when arrested.
Raw Story  – The white obsession with perfect victims of police violence is insulting to everyone’s intelligence.
Truthout – Facing terrorist threats from right-wing bigots, New York Muslim community sues.
Storify – White supremacists are using Twitter mentions to to organize, recruit, and unify.