Jared Taylor: Donald Trump Should ‘Wake Up Every Morning’ And Think About How to Pander To White Voters

White nationalist Jared Taylor — the founder and head of American Renaissance — has previously given advice to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. In essence, Taylor opined that Trump had become the “spokesman for white people” and that whites long for the days of Jim Crow segregation. Now, with news of Trump’s floundering poll numbers, Taylor’s advice is simply more of the same: Just keep trying to win more of the white vote.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel on July 29, 2016, Taylor informed Trump that there was simply no way for him to win by trying to win over black and Latino voters. “What [Trump] says isn’t likely to change the minds of non-whites,” he said. “So he shouldn’t worry about them.”

“The main thing he should do,” Taylor continued, “is wake up every morning and ask himself, ‘What can I do to get more white votes?'”

Taylor suggested that Trump adopt two policies that are sure to “fire up whites.” The first is a “fierce attack” on affirmative action programs which Taylor believes benefit racial minorities at the expense of better-qualified white job applicants. The second is a “powerful defense of the police” and a denunciation of the Black Lives Matter movement.

After all, white people “do not think of the police as their enemies” and “overwhelmingly approved” when Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted in the death of Michael Brown.

Taylor also advised Trump on how to improve his chances with single women, from whom he’s received historically low support. Trump ought to “make the most of his daughter Ivanka” because women “care a lot about what other women think, especially beautiful women.” Both Ivanka and Melania should “get on television as much as possible” to win back single, white women.

“And they certainly wouldn’t scare men away,” he added.