Alt-Right Radio Host: ‘There’s Nothing More Disgusting’ Than Politicians Kissing ‘That Stupid’ Wailing Wall

Over at Radio Aryan, alt-right radio host “Grandpa Lampshade” and Neo-Nazi Joe Roper (a.k.a. “Fascist Lemming”) ranted against the supposed stranglehold of Jewish interests on American politics.

Lampshade, whose name is an obvious Holocaust joke, said he “caught a little snippet” of the Democratic National Convention before he “had to go throw up.” He complained of Hillary Clinton’s insistence that Israel is a stalwart American ally, and pointed out how “weird” it is for the U.S. continually support it.

“Even if the Jews weren’t the conniving, Jewwing-us-over kikes that they are, it’s just so weird the notion that you have this great, big, powerful country — the United States — and if you’re running for an office, basically running it, you have to bow down and pledge your loyalty to this little crap-hole country in the Middle East,” he said.

Roper agreed, stating that one of the reasons he continues to support Donald Trump is that he has yet to pay a visit to Israel and hasn’t been photographed at the Wailing Wall “wearing a Jew hat” — the proper name of which is a “kippah” or “yarmulke.” Lampshade responded by offering this advice: “Never trust anybody that wears one of them little funny hats.”

Lampshade also complained about how “disgusting” it is that any American politician can travel to Israel and kiss “that stupid wall.”

Grandpa Lampshade also bashed alt-right “fellow traveler” Milo Yiannopoulos, echoing the sentiments of fellow Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin in declaring Milo to be antithetical to their movement. Being gay and Jewish, it is only a matter of time before alt-righters are “kiked over” by Yiannopoulos, he asserted. Roper issued their listeners a “friendly reminder” that Milo is, indeed, a “gay Jew” who cannot be trusted.

The pair also brought up the DNC email leak that was most likely carried out by Russian hackers — something they deemed to be irrelevant and probably false. Roper called the Russians the Democratic Party’s “handy bogeyman” and claimed the the people who started the rumor had “echoey names,” while Lampshade asserted that “you know there’s a hook nose running all that.” It is common knowledge in alt-right circles, after all, that Jews are the ones who run the media as well as the Democratic Party.

Lampshade also asked Roper who the more “hideous kike” is between former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and comedienne Sarah Silverman. Roper chose Wasserman-Schultz but added that he was disappointed that Silverman is still alive following a recent health scare. “We can keep hoping [that she dies],” Lampshade replied, adding that “there’s always the [concentration] camps” which “aren’t gonna fill themselves.”