Paul Ramsey Applauds Donald Trump’s Refusal To Apologize To Gold Star Family

Democrats and Republicans alike were appalled by Donald Trump’s attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Khan — Muslim Americans whose son, CPT. Humayun Khan was killed in battle in 2004.

Trump, aggravated that Khizr Khan rightfully accused him of having “sacrificed nothing and no one” during his speech at the DNC, fired back, baselessly asserting that Ghazala wasn’t allowed to speak because of her religion. (Actually she didn’t speak at the DNC because she was too upset to do so.) Trump, characteristically, hasn’t backed down and, in fact, dug in his heels even more.

Many Trump fans, including white nationalist video blogger Paul Ramsey, cheered on Trump’s embarrassing, childlike behavior. In a video posted to his YouTube channel on August 1, 2016, Ramsey addressed Trump’s latest controversy by comparing the Republican nominee to Sidonius. “He’s a man, he stood firm,” Ramsey crowed.

“But like the story of the Roman times [of] Sidonius, is our troops, our army, our empire, is now starting to be flooded with mercenaries.” Mercenaries like Khzir Khan — or “this guy from Pakistan” as Ramsey phrased it — who, in spite of their American citizenship, are “not of the founding stock.”

It was, according to Ramsey, “white European Christian[s]” who built this country. This naturally discounts the countless indigenous peoples who lived here, decidedly non-Christian men who founded this country, the African slaves who built the economy (and the White House), the Chinese laborers who made railroad travel possible, and so on and so forth. But sure, white European Christians or whatever.

If American continues to “pour in all these mercenaries with different religions” and minority groups fail to assimilate, “we’re going the same route as Rome, except faster” he warned. He cited as examples the countries of France and Germany which have “been acting very weak” in welcoming Middle Eastern refugees, and lamented that Western countries are “supposed to appease these Muslim invaders.”