Chuck Johnson Claims Twitter Suspension Was Due to ‘Anti-White Business Model’

Chuck Johnson Racist

Recently conservative troll Milo Yiannopoulos was permanently banned from Twitter, a decision sparked by a torrent of racist abuse aimed at Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones.

Jones, a black comedian, was targeted by online trolls who sent her pictures comparing her to an ape and even claiming she should be killed. Milo Yiannopoulos, a Gamergate supporter and Ghostbusters critic, accused Jones of “playing the victim” and proceeded to share fake tweets depicting Leslie Jones as making homophobic and anti-Semitic comments.

Not long after the Yiannopoulos incident, white supremacist “journalist” Chuck Johnson was once again banned from the platform as well. Johnson had received a permanent ban last year but had skirted the ban by creating two new accounts in June.

On July 22, 2016, Johnson appeared on a show hosted by conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson to discuss the recent rampage killing in Munich and, once again, accuse Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey of censorship.

Watson informed Johnson of the Munich shooting that killed 10 people including the perpetrator, and asked him for his reaction. Johnson responded that he was only surprised that other people were surprised, claiming that “we have a bunch of savages” who settled in Germany while the white population is “having fewer and fewer children.”

The perpetrator, David Sonboly, held dual German/Iranian citizenship and was born in Munich. He also appeared to fit the profile of a typical rampage shooter, not a terrorist. Sonboly read books about school shooters, was described as not particularly religious, and used a picture of far-right mass murderer Anders Breivik as his WhatsApp avatar.

Nevertheless, the two treated it as an act of Islamic terrorism, and Johnson predicted the “collapse” of Germany. In fact, Johnson predicted that either Germany or Sweden would be the first European country to elect a Muslim leader, which, I assume, he meant as a negative. He further advised all (white, non-Muslim) Europeans to flee their countries and move elsewhere.

When asked why Milo Yiannopoulos was finally banned from Twitter, Johnson replied that it was done to coincide with the Republican National Convention. For some reason. And he went on to allege that “there’s a sort of anti-white business model behind Twitter that one really has to contend with if one’s honest about it,” and that “almost all of the people who get suspended are white.”

He concedes that Azealia Banks, a black singer, was kicked off Twitter for violating the social media platform’s terms of service. Yet he offered no evidence of an anti-white bias, instead preferring the ipse dixit strategy to convince listeners.

He also complained that people who support Black Lives Matter — which he ludicrously calls a “terrorist organization” — are allowed to stay on Twitter while he was banned for saying he wanted to “take out” BLM activist DeRay McKesson.

Then, of course, two of his most active sock puppet accounts were banned as well. Although he insists he hasn’t been on Twitter since his initial ban and says “they’ve IP blocked my home.” The only way to stop the “draconian” Twitter, he said, was to fight in either the “legal courts” or the “court of public opinion.” Good luck on both counts.