Headlines — 7/30/16


I’m back to regularly posting again. Here’s some belated stories, from the racist rhetoric of Blue Lives Matter to Donald Trump’s “law and order” speech at the RNC, to a White Lives Matter rally staged by Nazis.

Freethought Blogs – Neo-Nazis gather in Buffalo for a ‘White Lives Matter’ rally.
AlterNet – Is Blue Lives Matter a racist hate group?
New Republic – Mr. Trump, you’re no Richard Nixon.
Media Matters – ‘RNC contact’ gave white supremacist and virulent misogynist Matt Forney a convention pass.
New York Times – Feminist writer Jessica Valenti quits Twitter after ‘rape and death threat’ against her 5-year-old daughter.
Rewire – Twitter is still failing black women.
Think Progress – Ringleader of Oregon occupation now trying to wriggle out of criminal charges with crackpot theories.
Raw Story – Trump-loving Dilbert cartoonist feared watching Hillary become nominee would rob him of his manhood.
New York Times – Is Donald Trump a racist?
Electronic Intifada – Israel uses Caterpillar equipment in apparent extrajudicial killing.