Shock Jock Anthony Cumia Cheers on Nazis; Mocks Women and the Disabled on Twitter

TFW your girlfriend has you arrested for domestic abuse.

After an extended absence I’m finally back. While I was away there were horrifying terror attacks in Europe, Donald Trump chose Mike Pence as his running mate and became the GOP nominees, and Milo Yiannopoulos was perma-banned from Twitter. Good riddance on the latter.

In my spare time I’m watching the Democratic National Convention as it makes the historic nomination of Hillary Clinton for president. And while most people I see online are celebrating this week, some incredibly desperate, hateful people are using the convention as another occasion to spew bile toward women and minorities. Case in point, hack comedian Anthony Cumia.

Cumia, formerly of the Opie and Anthony Show, has long been a drunk, racist loudmouth with all the political knowledge of Archie Bunker. Last year he was arrested for strangling his then-girlfriend. Now, he spends his time live-tweeting whatever stupid shit enters his head.

Last night, in response to Donald Trump’s reprehensible attacks on a disabled reporter, disability rights activist Anastasia Somoza gave a speech blasting Trump for his ableist abuse. Cumia’s response was to mock Somoza with a picture of “Elephant Man” Joseph Merrick:

Cumia Tweet

Archived here.

That might be one of the lowest things I’ve ever seen from anyone on the far right, and that includes the white supremacist sites I track.

Here’s some misogynist bullshit directed at Sarah Silverman:

Cumia Tweet 2

Cumia Tweet 3

Archived here and here.

What about that black woman whose late husband was a veteran? The woman who was swindled out of her money by that orange-faced grifter’s phony university? Cumia unsurprisingly blames the victim:

Cumia Tweet 4

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Or how about Michelle Obama’s speech? Well, given Ant’s views on black women, here’s what he had to say:

Cumia Tweet 5

Cumia Tweet 6

Cumia Tweet 7

Cumia Tweet 8

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And more sexism directed at Hillary Clinton:

Cumia Tweet 9

Archived here.

Though none of this should be surprising given that he tweeted a picture of a Nazi tank following the rampage shooting in Munich along with the caption “This would solve the problem in #Munich”:

Racist Tweet

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On the other hand, he makes a perfect Trump supporter.