Congressional Candidate Rick Tyler Says it Isn’t ‘Hateful’ to Want America to be a White Country

Racist Billboard

Rick Tyler made national attention after posting racist billboards in Tennessee with slogans like “Make America White Again.” Tyler, who is currently running for Congress as an Independent, is staunchly antiabortion (“America is under divine judgment for having allowed this wholesale slaughter…”), anti-gay (“…an abomination in the eyes of God…”), and pro-secession (“…states have the absolute and inviolate right to secede from the national union…”).

He also opposes “interbreeding between black and white,” a “phenomenon scientifically known as miscegenation” which “hastens an irreversible alteration of the racial composition of those who are its byproduct.” On June 29, 2016, Tyler was interviewed by fellow white nationalist Matthew Heimbach on his Daily Traditionalist radio program.

Tyler seemed surprised that his billboards have been viewed as “odious and despicable messages of hate,” and claimed that they could only be viewed in such a light by “the warped and twisted, truncated minds of the modern, you know, propagandized, brainwashed electorate.” Tyler asked, “What in the world could possibly be hateful about a white man advocating the return [of] the demographic of the mid sixties?”

Heimbach denounced Ted Kennedy for his role in passing the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, accusing the late senator of having “blood…on his hands” both “personally” and “through his policies.” Heimbach condemned Kennedy for allegedly lying to the American people when he claimed the Act would not “fundamentally alter the demographics of America.”

Now, as a result of this multiculturalism, Heimbach contended, there are “riots in our streets,” “disunity,” and “violence against whites.” He even cited the Supreme Court’s refusal to strike down UT Austin’s affirmative action admissions policy in Fischer v. University of Texas as proof of anti-white “discrimination.”

Tyler boasted about the ease with which he was able to run as an Independent in Tennessee, calling the Volunteer State “one of the easiest states in the nation to get on the ballot in a federal election.” Tyler revealed that he is hoping to “parlay that notoriety” he gained over his racist billboards into “more, and more, and more publicity.”

His next stunt will be putting his “Make America White Again” and “I Have a Dream” billboards — the latter of which depicts the White House flying Confederate flags — onto a campaign bus and touring cities in Tennessee. “There is actually a possibility that I could win this office,” he exclaimed. “I could win with as little as 34% of the vote.” Note to Tennesseans: Do not let this man anywhere near a desk job.