Jack Buckby, the Extremist Politician Seeking Jo Cox’s Seat, Blames LGBT People for Orlando Massacre

Jack Buckby Racist

After the appalling murder of British MP Jo Cox at the hands of a deranged Nazi, Britain’s major political parties agreed not to contest her parliamentary seat. This changed, however, when far-right politician Jack Buckby announced he would seek to replace the deceased Labour Party member.

A member of the virulently anti-immigrant Liberty GB Party, Buckby has been described as the “heir apparent to Nick Griffin” — the former BNP leader. Buckby received media attention both for blaming the Labour Party for Jo Cox’s murder, and for blaming the LGBT community and “the left” for last month’s anti-gay massacre in Orlando. In a recent appearance on Gavin McInnes’ show, Buckby only doubled down on his rhetoric.

“But, you know, there’s some really important issues in this campaign that I want to talk about,” Buckby told McInnes. “I’ve been speaking to a guy called Peter McLoughlin who wrote a book called Easy Meat, which is about all the young girls who’ve been gang-raped by Muslims. And obviously the most famous one is Rotherham, but it’s happened all over the UK.”

I did manage to take a look at Peter McLoughlin’s Twitter account and, well, let’s just say I don’t believe him to be a credible or unbiased author, at least on the subject of Islam and Muslims. For example, he’s a fan of UKIP’s Nigel Farage:

McLoughlin Tweet 1

He supports banning Islam itself in all nations that “value human rights”:

McLoughlin Tweet 2

He compared the Quran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf:

McLoughlin Tweet 3

Rails against “Dhimmi academics & politicians”:

McLoughlin Tweet 4

And taunted the French government for being “too scared” to put Muslims in concentration camps:

McLoughlin Tweet 5

Here are his thoughts on Christian and Muslim extremists:

McLoughlin Tweet 6

Unsurprisingly he wants Muslims banned from public office, which he says is the plan of Buckby’s party, Liberty GB:

McLoughlin Tweet 7

In general, McLoughlin just really, really hates Muslims:

McLoughlin Tweet 8

And this is the person Buckby deems a reliable source on Muslim gang-rapes of non-Muslim girls in the UK. What’s also fascinating is the way that McLoughlin estimates how many victims of Muslim gang-rapes there are. McLoughlin previously told Buckby that he believed the total to be between 100,000 and 1,000,000 — although Buckby admitted the 1,000,000 figure might be “a bit high.”

McLoughlin “came to this conclusion,” Buckby said, by taking 1400 — the alleged number of Rotherham victims — and multiplying it by 250 — since Rotherham’s population is 1/250 of the total population. The end result is “a figure of 350,000.”

Not convinced? Neither was McInnes, who said he didn’t “really trust that math.” As McInnes put it, “That’s like taking [murder statistics] from the South Side of Chicago and extrapolating that to every black in the country. You’d have a murder every ten minutes.” Buckby’s counter argument was that, even if that figure was too high, even if you cut it in half it would still mean tens of thousands of rape victims. Now that’s some hard-hitting data.

Buckby also noted that he had previously made a video pinning the blame for the Orlando massacre on the LGBT community.

Indeed, in a YouTube video dated June 12, 2016, Buckby sanctimoniously declared that the “killing of over fifty people at an Orlando gay club was not only the result of LGBT activists, but also of multiculturalists, neocons, liberals, Communists, and world leaders claiming that Islam is a religion of peace, and that it doesn’t threaten our society.”

As he told McInnes, “they” hate hearing that because “it’s true.” According to Buckby, because the LGBT community is insufficiently anti-Muslim, they brought the carnage on themselves. “The way I see it it’s collective suicide, and the people handing out the cyanide pills are the LGBT leaders, Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all that. It’s suicide. And it’s the same thing with Jo Cox.”