Oppressed Straight People Celebrate #HeterosexualPrideDay

Straight Pride

The month of June has been regularly designated “LGBT History Month,” a fact that’s particularly sobering considering the horrific act of mass murder at Orlando’s Pulse night club.

Yes, it bears repeating that the deadliest mass shooting by a single person in U.S. history was committed against the LGBT community — a group that is already singled out for physical violence and discriminatory legislation. And yet, for some inexplicable reason, someone (probably a troll with nothing better to do) started the hashtag #HeterosexualPrideDay.

It shouldn’t need to bear repeating over and over that straight people don’t need a pride day; that it takes no courage to be straight; that straight people don’t face discrimination; that people aren’t fired for being straight; that straight people have always been able to marry and adopt children (setting aside other discriminatory barriers such as anti-miscegenation laws).

Just like the “Black is Beautiful” campaign was a response to being told constantly that being black was anything but beautiful, the concept of gay pride rose from gay people being told they were lesser than straight people.

It’s just not as simple as being proud of an innate trait for no reason, and it isn’t the equivalent of straight pride or white pride, so spare me the tone-deaf conservative talking points.

But, if you still doubt that the people seriously using this hashtag aren’t bigots — like the white pride crowd or the “All Lives Matter” crowd — let’s take a look at what they had to say, shall we?

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Rejected Pillsbury mascot Matt Forney weighed in with stereotypes about HIV:

Hetero Pride 8

This is interesting since Matt Forney has admitted to having struck at least one of his partners:

Hetero Pride 9

He also conflated pedophiles with gay men:

Hetero Pride 10

This is a flat out lie, of course:

Hetero Pride 11

White nationalist Angelo John Gage spent the better part of a day arguing on Twitter about it:

Hetero Pride 12

Apparently the biggest problem facing straight people is baking cakes for same-sex weddings:

Hetero Pride 13

Hetero Pride 19

White people are the true minority:

Hetero Pride 15

Uh oh, watch out for the fabulous “LGBT militants.” We must protect the children from their militant gayness:

Hetero Pride 16

Hetero Pride 18

Sexual perversions?

Hetero Pride 17

Implying that a man-made construct like marriage is “natural”:

Hetero Pride 20

Are all couples with children automatically married? Do all married couples have children? I’m going to say no on both counts:

Hetero Pride 21

Homophobes can’t go through an entire discussion without mentioning anal sex, can they?

Hetero Pride 22

And here’s “Wife With A Purpose” (implying that most wives don’t have a purpose?), another white supremacist Trump supporter:

Hetero Pride 25

Good thing us heterosexuals never get sick. Biology’s weird, isn’t it?

Hetero Pride 23

She enjoys using stock photos but isn’t a fan of “queers”:

Hetero Pride 24

Lauren Southern straight-splains the concept of gay pride and anti-gay bullying:

Hetero Pride 26

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