White Nationalists Rejoice As The UK Votes For Brexit

After a bare majority of the UK’s population voted in favor of Brexit — the referendum on whether Britain should remain a part of the European Union — UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage swiftly declared victory.

“We’ve fought against the multinationals, the merchant banks and big politics’ lies corruption and deceit,” Farage declared, adding that they achieved victory “without having to fire a single bullet” — perhaps purposefully omitting the savage murder of British MP Jo Cox at the hands of Thomas “Britain first!” Mair.

Mr. Farage isn’t the only one celebrating Britain’s “independence” from the European Union, however. Legions of white nationalists lit up social media with calls for the dissolution of the EU and for an all-white homeland.

It should first be noted that this is somewhat fitting, as UKIP has long been a safe haven for crude racists and xenophobes. UKIP had even promoted the “Leave” vote with a decidedly not-so-subtle anti-refugee ad, depicting a long line of non-white migrants and the caption “The EU has failed us all.” The message to voters was clear: Leave the EU and we can once again keep Britain white. Hence the appeal to white nationalists and other Trump supporters.

Nigel Farage Tweet

White nationalist Angelo John Gage, for example, celebrated Brexit by calling it “only half the battle” and demanding the execution of “traitors”:

John Gage Tweet

Similarly, Paul Ramsey demanded a Nuremberg-style tribunal for “EU officials” for the “attempted genocide of Europeans”:

RamZPaul Tweet

Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Youth Network called it the “greatest European nationalist victory since 1933” and claimed that the late British fascist Oswald Mosley “would be proud of his Homeland and people”:

Matt Heimbach Tweet

The National Policy Institute’s Richard Spencer called Brexit a win for Donald Trump:

Richard Spencer Tweet

Likewise, AmRen’s Jared Taylor was ecstatic and seems quite optimistic about November:

Jared Taylor Tweet

Matt Forney — a giant soft-boiled egg with facial hair whose job is penning misogynistic screeds online — directed some anti-Semitic abuse toward the Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin:

Matt Forney Tweet

And the Twitter user @_AltRight_ suggested that mass deportations should be the next step, since Western countries are “occupied by 7th century pedophiles & goatfuckers”:

Alt Right Tweet

@DonaldTrumpPepe predicted that Brexit and Donald Trump will result in the “uncucking” of Western civilization:

Donald Trump Pepe Tweet

Last but not least, Andrew Auernheimer used the occasion to say that the “white race isn’t going to go without a fight”:

Andrew Auernheimer Tweet

If you’re celebrating because you simply wanted the UK to break away from the EU for sovereignty’s sake, fine, celebrate away. If you’re celebrating because you think this will be a boon for the UK’s economy or because it will reduce immigration levels, well, you’re probably going to be sorely disappointed.