Alex Jones Has a Meltdown Over Bill O’Reilly’s Gun Control Segment

Alex Jones
Alex Jones, seen here being completely rational.

In a recent episode of his eponymous Internet show, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones went on a tirade about Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly, whose recent interview with Donald Trump centered on the gun control debate. Specifically, O’Reilly wanted to know if Trump was in favor of banning “big guns” (I can only assume he meant automatic and semiautomatic weapons) as well as restricting the Second Amendment rights of people put on the secretive “terror watch list.” After chastising O’Reilly for talking to his audience as if they were children, Jones completely lost it, calling O’Reilly a “bully” hellbent on taking away our constitutional rights.

Jones asked his co-host, David Knight, for his opinion on the “Trump situation with the due process and the terror watch list” which, he added for good measure, “a total fraud.” Knight’s answer to the gun control question was to bring up the extremely unlikely events that a person could obtain nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. In other words, people will always find deadly weapons to kill people, meaning gun laws are somehow meaningless. “The problem is not guns,” Knight asserted, “the problem is having porous borders” and President Obama bringing in people “from areas where he’s been dropping bombs on them and assassinating people.”

Jones then interjected, noting that he owns a Ford truck which he could easily use to “find a crowd on Sixth Street and run over five hundred people,” but refrains from doing so because he’s “part of Western civilization” unlike the “Stone Age crazies” that “lock up women like animals” and “cut their genitals off.”

From there it became even more unhinged, as Jones addressed O’Reilly directly. “I’m sick of that sniveler!” he yelled. Recalling the times when Bill O’Reilly, on his radio program, would threaten people with a “visit” from “Fox security,” Jones blasted the Factor host. “O’Reilly, you send bullies to my house, I’m gonna break their jaw! And if you try that with me, punk, I don’t care if you’re a, you know, a thug who wants to bully people, okay? You oughta be ashamed of yourself.

“After all the bullying the Irish went through, you’ve turned into a big fat bully! You’re a big fat bully, scumbag!” he seethed, practically frothing at the mouth. Leave it to Alex Jones and InfoWars to make a creep like O’Reilly look calm and composed.