Headlines — 6/20/16

The Trump campaign fires Corey Lewandowski, right-wing radio host accuses refugees of bringing diseases, the Senate blocks gun control measures after the Orlando massacre, and more.

Vice – The New Far Right and the phenomena of the professional troll.
Think Progress – Senate blocks gun control measures and accomplishes nothing after Orlando shooting.
Burnt Orange Report – In Texas, legislators offer prayers today and bathroom bills tomorrow.
Talking Points Memo – Trump delegate encourages followers to harass pastor for pro-Muslim message.
Mic – Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski ousted by Trump camp after internal turmoil.
Feministing – California is ending one of its most sexist welfare policies.
Imagine 2050 – As SCOTUS decision nears, nativism in immigration case is still undeniable.
Counterpunch – After Orlando, Democrats and Republicans clamor for an expanded police state.
Media Matters – On World Refugee Day, Laura Ingraham accuses refugees of bringing disease to America.