‘The Daily Shoah’ Host Takes Credit for NYU White Student Union Hoax

NYU White Student Union

Last year several Facebook pages appeared advertising so-called “White Student Unions” at well-known universities, including UC Berkeley and Penn State. It was soon reported that the groups were a hoax, most likely concocted by racist trolls from 4chan or 8chan, but it remained unknown who exactly started the phenomena.

However, on the June 7, 2016 episode of The Daily Shoah — the alt-right podcast responsible for the now-infamous Jewish echo meme — host Mike Enoch finally took credit for creating the White Student Union Facebook page for NYU, which advertised a “community” for people “of European descent.”

On the Shoah, co-host Seventh Son pointed out that, earlier in the episode, Enoch had “outed” himself as the creator of the NYU White Student Union. “I didn’t out myself, I just said ‘the White Student Union,” Enoch replied. Seventh Son told Enoch to “just own it,” and boasted about how the White Student Union hoax was the “biggest piece of TRS mainstream news exposure that I’ve ever experienced.”

Seventh Son recalled that he was at work when, all of the sudden, he heard a local Fox affiliate discussing “Mike Enoch’s fucking propaganda.” Enoch himself bragged that he has written some “solid lines” including his phrase “people of whiteness” — an obvious jab at the phrase “people of color.” One Shoah guest, Lawrence Murray, remarked that Enoch was “basically taking post-colonial theory and flipping it on them.”

After playing a parody of London Beat’s 1990 hit “I’ve Been Thinking About You,” the Death Panel, as they refer to themselves, discussed the echo meme and the explosion of media attention it recently received.

Mike Enoch stated they received an email from the website Mic inquiring into the meaning of the echo. Naturally, the Right Stuff crowd toyed with them, making a ridiculous post hoc explanation for the three parentheses that anyone should have seen through.

Here’s the explanation given, via Mic:

The inner parenthesis represent the Jews’ subversion of the home [and] destruction of the family through mass-media degeneracy. The next [parenthesis] represents the destruction of the nation through mass immigration, and the outer [parenthesis] represents international Jewry and world Zionism.

This is simply too well thought out for what is little more than a running gag that turned into an alt-right meme. It certainly was no secret; the Right Stuff website included the echoes in its official lexicon long before it hit the news, and TRS followers have been openly using them on Twitter and elsewhere.

As Seventh Son revealed, their full email to Mic jokingly referenced “Stefan Molyneux’s treatise The Culture of Critique” — for whatever reason, the folks at TRS seem to enjoy poking fun at the motor-mouthed libertarian philosopher, mimicking his speech patterns (e.g. asking for “d’nations”) and slapping a grinning image of Molyneux next to a QR code asking for Bitcoin.