Stormfront Literature: ‘The Jews: A Warning From History’

Stormfront — once known as the world’s largest online white nationalist community — was launched in 1995 by Don Black, a former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and member of the American Nazi Party. The Internet’s original hate site, Stormfront’s 300,000 registered users (how many are considered active is unknown) frequently discuss everything from interracial crime to Jewish media control to white genocide.

But Stormfront is about more than just racism and mass murder. They also have an entire section dedicated to “Poetry and Creative Writing,” which I’ll start exploring with a lengthy poem about — what else? — the Jews. Written by user “three in one,” the poem The Jews: A Warning From History pretty much delivers what it promises:

Never trust the wicked Jew
You’ll regret it if you do
For the object of the Jew
Is to bring great harm to you

Jews murdered God’s only Son
Because he said, “I am the One
The One who heals, and makes things new”
But that didn’t sit well with the Jew

Throughout history Jews have caused
Death and destruction, sickness and wars
Always taking, never giving
Making miserable the Gentiles living

And segues into Holocaust apologia. Wait, I’m confused, do these people think Hitler exterminated millions of Jews or not? Also, bonus points for being the first poem I’ve ever read to use the phrase “lousy kike bitches.” That’s…something else.

Hitler knew just what to do
He wouldn’t put up with the tricky Jew
When he got going, the lousy kike bitches
Weren’t so eager to show off their riches

Hitler was smart and Hitler was right
He took on the kikes without even a fight
The Jews had to wear the yellow star
So the Germans knew just who they are

As you can see, the author begins by almost immediately blaming Jews for the death of Jesus.

Not satisfied with killing Christ
The Jews paid communism’s price
Starting the commie revolution
Is another example of Jewish pollution

By pushing their godless integration
Jews have brought great harm to our nation
Nigras and white men should not mix
It’s Jews who’ve gotten us into this fix

Who do you think caused all of the fussing
Bringing nigra kids in by busing
Forcing Whites and nigras to mix
It’s Jews, up to their same old tricks

“three in one” blamed Jews for forcing white people to integrate with, er, “nigras.” And judging by his complaining about forced busing I’m going to assume “three in one” is around 65 or something.

Jews are really a wicked race
They’re sneaky, laughing in your face
Behind your back they’ll curse you out
But to your face they’ll never pout

Their attitude is to smile
But give ’em an inch, they’ll take a mile
While Gentiles shed their precious blood
The Jews get rich by selling crud

When Gentiles say that Jews are dirty
They know that what they say ain’t purty
But behind the saying there is a reason
The Jews are dirty whatever the season

Winter, summer, spring or fall
The Jews will never wash at all
For shoes or pants they never care
They’d sooner buy another pair

And why shouldn’t they, their money comes cheap
While we all struggle, our dollars to keep
The Jews pursue the mighty penny
And what of our dollars? There aren’t any

Then he accuses Jews of washing their clothes because, well, they can always buy more. I think this guy has his stereotypes mixed up a bit.

Jews are schemers, there is no doubt
Cheat the Gentiles, they scream and shout
Put the nigras up on top
Drown the Whites in nigra slop

God I hate it when there’s nothing to eat but “nigra slop.”

Jews are like a bunch of moles
Plotting deviltry in their holes
But when unearthed, they blink and grin
While seeking return from their wages of sin

Christ is the light which all the kikes hate
Like moles, in dark they deliberate
Religion to them is an empty phrase
Money’s the god that the Jews most praise

Lord help the Gentiles when Jews take power
They love to make us beg and cower
Mercy to them is an unknown word
Our pleas for mercy would be unheard

Oh, and it turns out the Jews praise money as their God. Which is weird because, well, I thought they had that whole Old Testament thingy.

Love thy neighbor? Here’s how the Jews figger

I wonder what he’ll rhyme with this…

Love thy neighbor if he’s a ni**er
No wonder the ni**ers are the Jews best friends
Helping them meet their terrible ends

Nailed It

Pornography and dope and crime
Are weapons of the Jewish swine
Aimed at Gentiles hearts and soul
To crucify us, that’s their goal

It’s time we said enough’s enough
We’re sick and tired of Jewish stuff
Every day we delay is a cause for Jew-smiles
Another chance to practice their guiles

Gotta watch out for porn and “Jew-smiles.” That’s a deadly combination. Also I’m gonna skip ahead because this is really long and boring.

The hour is late, the time is near
To protect what we all hold most dear
Our White race, our American nation
Defend them from the Jew-stagnation

From yiddish bankers frenzied greed
Our country must be truly freed
If down the river we’ll not be sold
We’ll rid ourselves of Jewish hold

Just had to include a verse with the word “Jew-stagnation.”

God Almighty is our shield
To Jewish evil we’ll never yield
We’ll make them pay one hundredfold
We’ll shower earth on Jewish gold

You’ll give a golden shower to who now?

Kicked out of every White country
The yids will wander endlessly
They’ll whine and moan and beat their breasts
For nowhere will the kikes find rest

There is a place for wandering Jews
It’s not a place that we would choose
It’s not a place we’d care to dwell
Because the name of it is Hell

Hell is where the Jews will go
Where they will burn in torment slow
Twisting and writhing in agony
Hell is the place where the Jews should be

And down in Hell they’ll feel at home
With their father the Devil from whom they have roamed
While up on earth, White people will use
Their money, at last gotten back from the Jews.

Seems a tad extreme for just wanting your money back, no?