Andrew Auernheimer Says The Alt-Right’s Ultimate Goal Is ‘Global White Supremacist Empire’

Recently, the white nationalist website American Renaissance published an article by Alexander Hart entitled “Should Alt-Right Trolls Go Easy on the Trigger?” In it, Hart lauded the efforts of alt-right trolls in gaining publicity for their cause, but cautioned that some of them go too far with their online antics.

“Triggering leftists is fun, but winning converts is more important,” he wrote. In a video response to Hart’s article, neo-Nazi hacker Andrew Auernheimer answered Hart’s question of whether or not trolls should “go easy on the trigger” with a resounding “no.”

Auernheimer said he respects Jared Taylor and understands that he made a niche for himself as a “milquetoast, respected, sort of academic racist.” However, this sort of strategy got Taylor “nowhere.” On the other hand, Auernheimer believes that he and his fellow trolls have successfully and repeatedly “transformed the culture.”

“Listen, buddy, listen, here’s the fact of it: we’re not defining mean words on the Internet as our stopping point,”he warned. The next step, he said, was to “organize mobs to go out on the street and say these same mean words but say them at peoples’ homes, businesses, places of worship.” Where they stop, he continued, is when they are “compensated either in Bitcoin or in blood for the harm, and the violence, that has been done to us.”

Auernheimer, it should be noted, has a longstanding grudge against the United States government for, among other things, the 13 months he spent in jail after exposing an AT&T security flaw — his 41 month sentence was overturned on appeal. In an open letter to the first judge who presided over his trial, he claimed he was “kidnapped at gunpoint by the US Marshals” from his childhood home in Arkansas.

The letter made clear that he was peacefully seeking reparations from the government to compensate him for the ordeal, and sought not U.S. currency (“the preferred currency of criminal organizations such as the FBI, DOJ, ATF, and Federal Reserve”) but rather Bitcoin.

He continued, saying that they will only “tone it down and dial it back” (or at least consider doing so) when “the people whose names echo are all fucking in their precious fucking Israel” and “the fucking basketball Americans are put into the fucking chains that they belong.” (“Basketball American” is an anti-black slur.)

His only real “resolution to this” would be his enemies “subjugated and in chains,” as well as, in the end, what he calls a “global white supremacist empire.”