Headlines — Orlando Strong Edition

White House Pride

In lieu of my regular headlines I’ve decided to share the best articles and opinion pieces on today’s cowardly act of anti-LGBTQ violence.

+972 Magazine – The Orlando shooting was another example of straight terrorism.
The Daily Beast – Omar Mateen committed LGBT mass murder, and we must confront that.
Slate – The long, tragic history of violence at LGBTQ bars and clubs in America.
The Atlantic – The extraordinarily common violence against LGBT people in America.
Buzzfeed News – Hundreds gather at Stonewall, the birthplace of LGBT rights, to mourn Orlando’s dead.
Vox – For LGBTQ people, survival is defiance and the Orlando shooting won’t change that.
The Nation –  The Orlando shooter violated a sanctuary, but his desecration will not defeat us.
The New Yorker – Donald Trump’s exploitation of Orlando.