Jared Taylor Warns That White People May Go ‘Extinct’ In The Near Future

White nationalists from across the country recently gathered in Tennessee for the 2016 American Renaissance (“AmRen”) Conference. AmRen founder Jared Taylor, who was recently quoted on an alt-right podcast as saying likeminded individuals would ‘infiltrate’ a Donald Trump administration, gave a talk on why white people “lie” about racial differences.

He surmised that due to a combination of “pathological altruism” and fear of being called racist, white scientists have deliberately covered up evidence that whites are inherently more intelligent than blacks or Hispanics. He also issued a dire warning to his audience that, if these “lies” persist, then there is a good chance the white race may face extinction.

Taylor quoted Linda Gottfredson (whose work in the field of race and IQ studies he called “heroic”) as saying that “labeling an idea ‘dangerous’ provides moral justification for suppressing it” because “danger and evil require such suppression in the name of the greater good.”

The “greater good,” Taylor said mockingly, is “equality, worldwide peace, and brotherhood, the United Colors of Benetton.” This, he assured his audience, is not a “greater good” but rather a “hideous evil” which will only lead to the utter destruction of the white race.

“And if whites will do anything — absolutely anything — to avoid being called racist, the logic is ruthless. Non-whites will continue to pour into our countries. We will be displaced. And if we really believe that race is utterly meaningless, some sort of sociological optical illusion, we will have no means to resist miscegenation and we will simply go extinct.”

Recalling a recent debate against KSU professor Wilfred Reilly on the benefits of diversity, Taylor denounced “miscegenation” as a “genetic meat grinder” and glumly wondered whether the last blonde couple on Earth would eventually be placed in a museum.

In his closing statement, Taylor said that the “truth” — that is, white nationalist beliefs — “now has a momentum and an energy that I have not seen in 40 years.” He admitted that Donald Trump deserves some of the credit for this resurgence in racist beliefs, but said that “reality helps even more.”

“Michael Brown, the Ferguson and Baltimore riots, unilateral amnesty of millions of illegal immigrants, Justice Department regulations that are going to forcibly integrate white neighborhoods — ordinary white people see these things, and they are deeply, deeply disturbed,” Taylor claimed. “And then, they find us.”

And after boasting that Leftists and anti-racists are not on the “right side of history,” Taylor attempted to rouse his audience by reminding them that they “know the truth.” And, beginning to choke up, he added, “My brothers, my sisters, you have the blood of heroes in your veins, and you know your duty. I know you will do it.”

At the end of Taylor’s speech, during a Q&A session, a gentleman who claimed to have studied Islamic law at Tufts university asked him for his thoughts on the “total war being waged against the South” and Southern culture.

Taylor began his answer by noting his extensive Southern heritage — all his “male ancestors of military age fought for the Confederacy” — and then moved on to claim that what is (supposedly) being done to the Southern states is a “symbol” of “what’s being done to the entire country.” He stated that the South was made out to be a “villain” because of its legacy of slavery and racism.

“I remember when there was all this screaming about [mass murderer] Dylann Roof. And Dylann Roof was photographing himself waving the Confederate flag, and this is proof of pure evil,” Taylor said. “I tried to point out, look, in our society everyone tells people like Dylann Roof — young, Southern boys — of all the people anywhere in the United States, only you cannot have pride. Only you are demonized because of your ancestors.”

“It’s surprising to me that more young Southern men don’t go berserk under that kind of tutelage,” he added.