Headlines — 6/2/16


White supremacist “Coincidence Detector” tracks Jews online, Stacy Dash tells transgender people to go to the bathroom in the bushes, Mitch McConnell worries about Trump’s chances of victory, and more.

The Daily Beast – Racist ‘Jew tracker’ targets Donald Trump’s kin.
BuzzFeed News – Trolls keep identifying comedian Sam Hyde as the gunman whenever there is a mass shooting.
Raw Story – Megyn Kelly slams Trump for provoking ‘threats and vitriol’ against federal judge.
Queerty – Fox News’ Stacy Dash kindly invites trans people to pee ‘in the bushes.’
Crooks and Liars – Trump’s militia delegate threatens U.S. leaders.
Talking Points Memo – Mitch McConnell worries that Trump could be the GOP’s next Goldwater.
Vice – Judges ruled a woman can sue the website she says enabled her rapists.
The Frisky – Rush Limbaugh cites existence of Cincinnati Zoo gorilla as definitive proof evolution isn’t real.