Headlines — 6/1/16


Neo-Nazis use ((())) as a symbol to target Jews online, a top gun lobbyist says conservatives will resort to the “bullet box,” anti-choice activists spread misinformation on TV, and more.

Mic – How neo-Nazis use (((echoes))) as a secret symbol to target Jews online.
Think Progress – A federal court just silently slipped a knife into North Carolina’s anti-LGBT bathroom bill.
The Nation – What black Americans say about ‘black-on-black’ gun violence.
Media Matters – Meet the anti-choice activists who appear most often to spread misinformation about abortion.
Talking Points Memo – Parents urged to store guns in kids’ bedrooms at annual NRA meeting.
Raw Story – Top gun lobbyist warns right wingers will use ‘bullet box’ if they can’t win at the ballot box.
Right Wing Watch – The definitive Donald Trump conspiracy guide.
Slate – The Trump University playbooks show that Trump is our huckster in chief.