Gavin McInnes Accuses ‘the Far Left’ of Plotting ‘Genocide’ Against Conservatives

Gavin McInnes Infowars 2

In a video uploaded to Alex Jones’s YouTube channel on May 26, 2016, Jones sat down with hipsterdom’s patient zero, Gavin McInnes, to talk about — what else? — Social Justice Warriors and murderous Islamists who want to annihilate the West.

After yammering about zombies and people who pour bleach in their eyes and cut off their limbs (the “new trendy stuff to do,” he insisted) Jones asked McInnes exactly “how far” liberals would go. “Well, it’ll go until we discipline them,” McInnes replied. “It’s almost like a crazy girlfriend that wants to get slapped.”

According to McInnes, the “far-left nutbars” who are “sabotaging our culture” aren’t truly interested in doing so. Instead they’re akin to “a child acting out,” or as Jones put it, they’re “betas who want to be put in their place.”

“They want a time out,” McInnes added. “And it’s our job to do that. And that’s what we’re doing with Compound Media. That’s what you’re doing with InfoWars. We’re saying, ‘I know you wanna get slapped.'”

McInnes also claimed that leftist women want to destroy the patriarchy and family unit have no plan when it comes to what would replace those structures. That gap would be filled with something worse, such as Shariah law — which Jones said consists of “a bunch of inbred psychopaths” who mutilate women’s genitals and put “beekeeper outfits” on them.

(I believe Jones was referring to burkas, which is only one of several styles of clothing Muslim women wear and is by no means the most widespread.)

“Why is the left so in love with radical jihadists?” Jones asked. McInnes responded by claiming this supposed “love” stems from liberals’ guilt and anger at their fathers. All their anger is “now gonna be directed toward daddy” and “anyone who looks like dad.”

I don’t quite understand exactly how this answered Jones’s question, but I certainly have a disdain for anyone whose appearance reminds me of King George V, which is probably why I don’t care for Gavin McInnes.

Jones then claimed that liberals were taking our country down a path to a Road Warrior-like future complete with “literal warlords driving around in armored vehicles with heads mounted on the front, with women in bikinis in chains, with Slayer playing.”

McInnes called out Bernie Sanders supporters for not knowing “what socialists do to gays” and “creative types,” clearly confusing Sanders’ Democratic Socialism — which is decidedly far from radical — with totalitarian Communists of the 20th century.

Without skipping a beat, he moved onto Islamists whom, McInnes asserted, “like Islamophobes like me” because “we have balls, we’re alphas.” Which is probably why radical Islamists fervently try to murder anyone deemed Islamophobic, including cartoonists and filmmakers.

That brought him to the blowback received by Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes, after Hughes made controversial remarks in an interview with McInnes for Taki’s Magazine.

Hughes told McInnes that he’s “suspicious of the [Bataclan] security, he’s suspicious of Islam, he’s suspicious of Arabs, Arab money,” and, as a result, was disinvited from several performances in France. “He’s actually made at me,” he exclaimed, “We’re not friends anymore because I got him in this mess.”

“Well you know what’s really going on here,” McInnes continued, “is the socialists, the Communists, the far-left, when they notice a pattern they commit genocide.” And so this is why they are “so petrified of noticing a pattern of any sort of discussion of eugenics, or biology, or any kind of pattern.”

Indeed, he claimed that they will “exterminate” right-wingers and libertarians who notice a “pattern” just like “their boy Stalin, their boy Pol Pot, their boy Hitler.” (Calling Hitler a socialist is an utterly unfounded but a common talking point on the Right.)