Alex Jones Claims Pope Francis Is ‘The Antichrist’

On his May 20, 2016 edition of his eponymous online show, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones announced that Pope Francis declared himself to be the Antichrist, based on remarks the Pope supposedly made about ISIS being similar to Jesus’s disciples — which, I dunno, sounds awfully fishy to me.

Sure enough, in his interview with La Croix, the Pope wasn’t discussing any kind of moral equivalency between the disciples and ISIS — he had remarked that an “idea of conquest” is “inherent in the soul of Islam,” but that this same idea of conquest can be seen in Christianity as well, since Jesus commanded his followers to spread their religion. Evidently this is all it took for Jones to call Pope Francis the Devil.

Jones also showed concern that Muslim migrants are trying to eradicate blonde-haired, blue-eyed people (supposedly) and German citizens are applauding this nefarious plan. “This is people who have been taught to commit cultural suicide,” he exclaimed. “This is eugenics.”