Greg Johnson Says Donald Trump Could Lead to the ‘Salvation of the White Race’ in North America

Trump Rally

Recently, Greg Johnson, editor-in-chief at the white nationalist Counter-Currents Publishing, made an appearance on an episode of The Right Stuff’s Fash the Nation podcast. Along with Fash the Nation hosts Jazzhands McFeels (who also goes by Paul Allen) and Marcus Halberstram, Johnson talked about how he was “red-pilled” racially, and what changes Donald Trump might bring to our country.

Johnson claimed that he believes America can still be “fixed,” but that it would be difficult to do so. Likening America’s problems to a termite infestation, he asked if it was better to “try and tweeze every little bit of vermin out of the woodwork” or simply burn it down and rebuild. Still, he continues to hold out hope for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who just today reached the threshold number of delegates.

“I think that he [Trump] could do several really positive things that contribute to the salvation of America or, more broadly, the salvation of the white race on the North American continent,” he said, adding that one important policy he could enact is a “pause in immigration.”

Johnson: Yeah, another thing for me was sort of thinking for a long time that America could be fixed. And in a way it still can. I can conceive of ways in which it can be fixed. But, you know, at a certain point, you know, if your house is riddled with termites, you have a choice. Do you try and tweeze every little bit of vermin out of the woodwork? Or do you just torch it and build something next door? Right? Something new. And I’ve become increasingly, you know, leaning toward the second thing.

And of course I look at somebody like Donald Trump, he’s not gonna save America. I think he’s a tremendous opportunity. I think that he could do several really positive things that contribute to the salvation of America or, more broadly, the salvation of the white race on the North American continent. The big thing that we need to do is put a pause in immigration because, you know, we need a little more time. That’s my attitude. We need a little bit more time to get our act together. And I think at this point our movement has grown in size, and sophistication, and commitment that we will not just all go to sleep if Trump gets elected.

McFeels: Oh absolutely.

Johnson: What’ll happen is that we will continue to try and push things in our direction rather than just think that he’s gonna fix it. We’re gonna continue to move the goalposts toward a white state. But he’s —

McFeels: He’s thrown the door open and —

Johnson: He has.

McFeels: — just how far the door gets thrown open is up to him and how much we’re willing to push to keep it open and push through it is also up to — that’s up to us.

Johnson: That’s up to us. Yeah.

McFeels: Whether he wins or loses. If he loses, there’s some effort that’s gonna need to be taken, but I think we’re through the doorway.

Johnson continued, stating that if white nationalists “had hegemonic control of the culture” then, regardless of what differences people had politically, the only opinion that people would be ostracized for disagreeing with would be that the purpose of American society “is to make sure that the white majority flourishes.”

In addition, Johnson asserted that the best way to eliminate both poverty and crime would be to create a white society, prompting Halberstram to add that just “having white people” is better than any number of government programs in place.

“The single greatest policy proposal of all time: Have white people,” Jazzhands McFeels concluded.

Johnson: But at the same time, I’m not wedded to the idea that we’re gonna fix the American system. We could. We could fix it. We could simply have…We could keep all the existing institutions in America. We could keep the Constitution and all that stuff because, as Joe Sobran put it, the Constitution has never been a threat to our system of government, right?

And, if we simply had a hegemonic control of the culture, so that no matter what people believe — on abortion, or women’s rights, or socialism, or medicine or whatever, all these political issues — that the one thing they do not have the freedom to disagree about without being cast into outer darkness and opprobrium is that the purpose of this society is to make sure that the white majority flourishes, right? That we preserve a society for white people.  That’s what America was. It was a white society on the North American continent.

And once that assumption becomes hegemonic throughout the culture and the political spectrum, we wouldn’t have to change any institutions. They would just all function in the right way —

McFeels: Oh yeah, well we were talking about this the other day. It’s exactly right. All these debates, all these problems that we’re trying to solve and constantly trying to fix, they all kinda just, they kinda go away. I mean, it doesn’t mean that the problems themselves and, you know, just evaporate. We still have issues. You still have crime, you still have, you know, fraud and things to deal with. But it’s on such a small level, that all of the other institutions and the laws that are in place kinda just, it all kinda just takes care of itself. It works as intended. And now we have to come up with all kinds of schemes, and adjustments, and things that are never gonna work, to try to deal with the diversity and the multiculturalism that we have now. So…

Johnson: Yeah, yeah. I mean, there are two issues here. One is that any society that’s just majority or entirely white is gonna have fewer problems than a multicultural society, you know? If you want to eliminate poverty and crime, just have a white society and all those things will sort of right themselves no matter what —

Halberstram: Yeah.

Johnson: –social measures you put in place.

Halberstram: Ten times more effective than any one or combination of dem programs. Just fucking have white people.

Johnson: Yeah, have white people. It’s…They’re miraculous, and even the Left recognizes that white people are miraculous. You know, they think that if you bus dindus into white schools they’re gonna miraculously become smart.

McFeels: The single greatest policy proposal of all time: Have white people.