Headlines — 5/24/16


Taylor Swift has been labeled an “Aryan Goddess” by neo-Nazis, Justice Clarence Thomas supports striking jurors based on race, the Klan sends out transphobic fliers, and more.

Rolling Stone – How Trump is killing the Republican Party.
Talking Points Memo – Trump unites generations of white nationalists at Tennessee gathering.
Broadly – Taylor Swift can’t shake off being a Nazi idol.
Rewire – Purvi Patel oral arguments suggest a dangerous precedent for prosecuting pregnant people.
Media Matters – The NRA’s endorsement of Donald Trump is premised on a lie.
Politico – With advertisers still fleeing, is Rush Limbaugh in trouble?
Raw Story – 12-year-old brutally beaten at school in shocking, anti-Semitic attack.
Think Progress – Justice Thomas doesn’t see anything wrong with excluding jurors based on race.
Towleroad – KKK distributing anti-transgender fliers to residents in Alabama.