4chan Trolls Once Again Fail to Trick Feminists with #NoEqualityNoShower

Hugh Man
Hugh Man, reporting for duty!

After several unsuccessful attempts to goad Twitter feminists into embracing ridiculous hashtags like #FreeBleeding, #EndFathersDay, #PissForEquality, and #HillaryKillsPOC, the trolls at 4chan — the Internet’s septic tank — tried again with two new hashtag campaigns.

The first, #NotAnotherMonster, is being used to try to fool feminists into pledging to abort their male fetuses. The second, #NoEqualityNoShower, is, well, pretty self-explanatory. And just like their previous attempts, the trolls utterly failed to convince anyone (save some naive conservatives) that they were feminists. Or women. Or actual people.

I was first alerted to the hashtag by the TakeDownMRAs account on Twitter, which busted the trolls and pointed out that 4chan was responsible in the first place. And sure enough, trolls were openly plotting on /pol/, the website’s “politically incorrect” subforum.

“/b/ came up with this. Make it trend on Twitter!” wrote an anonymous poster. “Tweet about how women and feminists alike should boycott or altogether stop showering because taking a shower conforms to the patriarchy’s standards of smelling and looking beautiful until they get their equality. Let’s see if we can get some social justice warriors to rank like shit.”

4chan Screen Cap 1
I assume they didn’t think this through.

Another poster suggested setting their location to New Zealand. “LET’S GET THIS TRENDING IN A SMALL COUNTRY, THEN IT WILL SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE!” he exclaimed. A more cautious troll stated that they should talk on tinychat, lest the “cucks” discover their “operations from Google.” In hindsight, he had a point.

4chan Screen Cap 2

There was even a separate thread started for it, where 4channers enthusiastically declared that this stunt “has serious potential.” When one user said they might be overextending themselves, since they were already working on #NotAnotherMonster, another replied that “it died already,” but that “this no showers movement actually has more potential” since “its not like feminists can even get pregnant in the first place.”

From there they set up bogus Twitter accounts, having culled stolen photos from women’s social media pages and even the website Know Your Meme, with names like “ultrafeminism” and “FreedomFemForce” — which are so obviously fake on their face that one shouldn’t even need to look for more evidence of fraud — and Tweeted out ridiculous messages at actual feminists, both well-known and not. Since these photos were obviously ripped off from innocent people, which any Google image search can prove, I’m going to replace their Twitter icons in my screenshots when appropriate.

Here’s “FreedomFemForce” whose account description reads “Feminist and Anti-Patriarchy” (which is both transparent and redundant):

4chan Tweet 1

Uh oh, better watch out for this Mr. 4chan fellow:

4chan Tweet 16

And “Amy Takashi” whose bio reads “Feminism rules! Crush the patriarchy! I am an asian [sic] lesbian vegan feminist emo”:

4chan Tweet 2

This one used a photo of New Zealand experimental musician Princess Chelsea (I covered it up regardless) and announced “POSER [sic] TO THE SHOWER!”:

4chan Tweet 3

4chan Tweet 13

Here’s a troll trying to persuade folks that not showering is what creates “feministwarriors” [sic]:

4chan Tweet 4

Oh shit, bro, you forgot to change your account picture. And you can’t spell:

4chan Tweet 5

Here’s “Proud feminist” “Kylain Jenieras” on the connection between cleanliness and rape:

4chan Tweet 6

And “Prot”:

4chan Tweet 7

Oh and “Patricia Clarke” whose bio reads, “Intersectional Feminist. Patriarchy smasher. Social justice advocate. Fat and proud. LGBTQ supporter. Lover of cats. #FeelTheBern. #NeverTrump”:

4chan Tweet 8

And this one didn’t even bother disguising himself:

4chan Tweet 9

Obvious troll is obvious:

4chan Tweet 10

The same goes for this guy, whose name is a play on the phrase “my c*nt,” :

4chan Tweet 11

And one tool even Tweeted feminist author Jessica Valenti, because clearly she’d believe this nonsense:

4chan Tweet 12

And “Mrs Bergstein”, a “Feminist” and “Proud supporter of Israel” who nonetheless made a Holocaust reference because, well, 4chan is crawling with Nazis and other anti-Semites:

4chan Tweet 14

More rape references:

4chan Tweet 15

Troll harder, “Mary”:

4chan Tweet 17

So yeah, no one ended up falling for it. At least no feminists anyway, though you might want to wait for the inevitable mention on InfoWars. The only ones who liked and retweeted the comments were other trolls, while actual feminists mocked the entire stunt.

And really, there was no reason for it anyway. The only people remotely fooled are folks who already assume the worst about feminists and believe them to be caricatures already, so 4chan is just preaching to the converted with conservatives and MRAs.

And since they know so little about feminism except what they’ve heard other people say about feminism, their tweets came off as unhinged and incoherent — just throwing around “patriarchy” and “rape culture” accomplishes nothing if you don’t know what they mean, and that’s why they convinced absolutely no feminists that they were genuine.

It all sounds as authentic as an undercover cop trying to talk like a teenager in a drug sting. Well, that and I can’t think of anyone who would genuinely piss themselves or stop bathing because of gender inequality. They’ll have to do better than that, and I’m sure they’ll try. See you in a month for the next fake hashtag campaign.