2016 AmRen Conference Kicks Off With A Terrible Billy Joel Parody

This weekend, white nationalists are attending the 2016 American Renaissance Conference in Tennessee. While I don’t have any footage of the AmRen speeches, I do have a wonderful parody video produced for the event by a racist Disney freak named “Uncuck the Right” — starring Jared Taylor on saxophone no less — that somehow makes Billy Joel’s music even worse.

If you’re not quite sure what to expect from this, just try to picture the last mandatory corporate retreat you attended. You know, with the lame skits featuring the CEO that are supposed to be funny and relatable but just make you want to run headlong into oncoming traffic?

Well it’s like that. Only everything is completely off-key and it has terrible lyrics like: “We didn’t start the movement/Though our generation might just save the nation!/Since we’re uncucked and hell-bent/’Tone it down’ they urged us/For our spines they purged us.” Sweet Jesus.

Go ahead, try to sit through the whole thing. I dare you. 

Also “Weird Al” Yankovic did it better.