Headlines — 5/18/16


George Zimmerman’s gun sells for more than you’d think, a Fox poll shows Trump ahead of Clinton, Breitbart refers to Bill Kristol as a “renegade Jew,” and more.

The Daily Dot – George Zimmerman’s gun reportedly sells for more than $120,000.
Politico – Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton in Fox News poll.
Fusion – Bible-wielding protesters are marching through Target stores, yelling anti-LGBT rhetoric.
The Atlantic – Breitbart’s anti-Semitic attack on Bill Kristol.
Rewire – Unconstitutional abortion ban sails through South Carolina legislature.
Crooks & Liars – Is ‘Amerigeddon’ the craziest right wing propaganda film ever?
We Hunted the Mammoth – Internet Nazis rally around embattled teenage Führer-lover Evalion.
Mic – How conservative trolls turned the rare Pepe meme into a virulent racist.