Flashback: Shock Jock Anthony Cumia Calls Muslims ‘Animals’ With ‘Archaic’ Beliefs

Today marks the six month anniversary of the devastating November 2015 attacks in Paris. Several gunmen, all affiliated with the Islamic terrorist organization ISIS, murdered 130 civilians in a gruesome set of coordinated attacks that not only shook France to its core, but became a cause célèbre for right-wing Islamophobes.

Case in point, racist, woman-beating shock jock Anthony Cumia, formerly of the Opie and Anthony Show, who spent the night of the attacks going on a sustained rant about Muslim “savages” who “hate us.”

“Let’s get over this hump, people, of having to curtail and edit what we say, because what we really feel and think is so offensive, and we don’t want to be chastised for being intolerant,” he said in disgust, as news of the attacks scrolled across a television screen behind him.

“Can we please us an example like this to get over that and communicate that we’re disgusted with these savage, animal pigs that are killing people based on their dumbfuck archaic religion?” he implored.

Assuring his audience that “everyone’s thinking this” — a typical argument made by bigots of all stripes — Cumia declared that he didn’t want to hear about the peaceful Muslims of the world or that Islam is a “religion of love.” Muslims, he said, “live like animals” and “think like animals” and form “archaic societies.”

Cumia also took aim at Syrian refugees whom, it should be noted, had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks in Paris and are thoroughly vetted before resettlement in the U.S.

Recycling the right-wing smear that the majority of Syrian refugees are men of military age, he denounced politicians who insist “that we bring tens of thousands of Muslims into our country because they’re ‘refugees,'” and claimed he didn’t “see women or children” among them.”

“They hate us based on their dumb, archaic religion,” he continued to insist, “and they want us dead because of it.” Borrowing the rhetoric of the Bush White House, Cumia gave a litany of supposed reasons why “they” hate us, including the fact that we drive a car, attend schools, and have freedom of speech and expression.

Though I suppose his painfully shallow analysis of Islamic terrorism and Western foreign policy can be forgiven, considering the man likely can’t read anything more complex than a beer menu.

“And if you say they’re just the extremists, fuck you,” he said, continuing his moronic rant. “Every Muslim is fucking, uh, a part of this. Their lack, their total lack, of condemnation proves not only that they’re not bothered by it, but that they support it. The basis of their religion is that everyone must adhere to their religion! And if you don’t, you have to die.

“Can we spell it out? It’s in their book! It’s in their Quran!

In a saner world this could be dismissed as the rantings of a madman. Unfortunately there are politicians who not only believe this same sort of drivel, but use it as a justification for absurd and draconian policy proposals.