Headlines — 5/11/16


Former police officer Michael Slager is charged with a federal civil rights violation, the Planned Parenthood shooter is ruled incompetent to stand trial, Trump considers making Rudy Giuliani the head of an anti-Muslim commission, and more.

Ebony – David Clarke, a black cop with a dangerous mentality.
Charleston Post Courier – Michael Slager charged with federal civil rights violation, obstruction in Walter Scott shooting.
Mother Jones – Trump selects a white nationalist leader as a delegate in California.
The Nation – The roots of today’s racism and police violence, in an “inconceivably brutal” riot 150 years ago.
The Atlantic – Colorado judge says the Planned Parenthood shooter is not fit for trial.
Media Matters – Trump considers tapping Rudy Giuliani to lead anti-Muslim commission.
Talking Points Memo – North Carolina school district to allow pepper spray, citing “bathroom bill.”
AlterNet – White supremacy and Trump’s battle for the “soul of America.”