Milo Yiannopoulos ‘Isn’t One Of Us’ Proclaims ‘Right Stuff’ Writer

Not too long ago, Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos penned a lengthy essay about the alt-right, and in so doing managed to whitewash the movement’s racism. The reaction to Milo’s essay among the alt-right itself has been mixed.

Blogger Bill Matheson pointed out how Milo downplayed the racial component of the alt-right, but wasn’t unduly harsh in his analysis. In contrast, neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer went on a vicious tirade, calling Milo a “degenerate homosexual” and a “homosexual half-Jew.” Over at The Right Stuff, another popular alt-right website, writer Tory Scot similarly declared that a gay Jew had no place in their movement.

In the May 6, 2016 article, titled “Milo Isn’t One of Us,” Scot referred to the right-wing provocateur as a “conservative homosexual, and a flamboyant one at that,” and noted that Milo is “Jewish on his mother’s side.” These factors haven’t “stopped many people on the right from hailing him as a champion against leftist decay,” he wrote. He even lauded Milo for “attacking much of the left.” Yet Scot nonetheless asserted that he needed to write a “much needed reminder about what we want, and who Milo is.”

Scot seemed to take particular offense at Milo’s attempt to assure his readership that the alt-right’s anti-Semitism and racism are all just tongue-in-cheek:

If I may be so bold as to speak for TRS as a whole, The Right Stuff has a nonnegotiable objective: the establishment of a White country in North America that will advance our interests. If Whites don’t look out for themselves, nobody will. This is a goal shared to a large degree by Counter-Currents, Radix Journal, and the Alternative Right blog. Most in neoreaction would agree with the premise that race is of great importance to politics.

Between these groups, we have the core of the Alternative Right. Race, and Identitarian advocacy, take the primary position.

Along comes Milo assuring everyone that it’s all a joke.

Even worse, Milo himself has made it clear that he “prefers getting fucked by black men” and had sex with an “AIDS-ridden tranny” at the age of 14. If such a person were made the “appealing young face of the racist alt-right,” he would “steer it away from tribalism and towards individualism.” Scot ended the article by stating:

He is not a racialist.

He is not a traditionalist.

He’s a Jew that likes getting fucked by black men.

If the White race is going to pull itself out of its downward spiral it won’t be done with moral relativism. The “whatever, it doesn’t hurt me” attitude is what has made us so vulnerable. The White race in America started dying when the Frankfurt School and the New Left killed the American patriarch and the American family.

Cultural libertarianism is essentially libertarianism of the penis. Milo is not going to be the one to pull us out of it. If we go down Milo’s path of “muh liberty”, we’ll have nothing left in a hundred years but our memes. Ours is the only movement standing against the decline. Don’t let it be co-opted.

Scot’s readership was even more blunt in their criticism:

A yid faggot cannot be an ally. – Tom O’Bedlam

A jew fagot, likes being fucked by niggers, is making some alt right points, and you guys even give him the light of day.
Moreover, some of the closet queers in the alt right state “he’s alright to some extent”.

WTF is going on here ? – TetMan

Finally some fucking sense on the alt-right. This faggot Kikelo just does this for attention. I remember he had an article on Kikebart a few months ago that said oy vey, give da gais special privileges!! Just like that bigger Sotomayor, they will gravitate towards their own fringe/minority group when it’s beneficial to them. – RaceRealist

A mudsharking kike faggot is definitely not one of us. – Tactical Bowl~Cut

Homosexual half breed not a good face for alt right. – Wolfie

Why does there need to be an article on why a faggot kike isn’t one of us? Are there this many of our own people here that need to get gassed as well for supporting this guy, scary to think about…. – HailVictory

The alt-right is totally against social degeneracy such as homosexuality which is promoted by jews. Why would anyone think that a queer kike could be the spokesman for the movement. That’s chutzpah. – GeorgetheElder

You’re telling me a jewish homosexual who fucks niggers isn’t prowhite? You’re clearly an splc shill – BeatenByAsianMomNowIncel

UPDATE: It appears as though Milo responded on Twitter to the Right Stuff’s article, claiming that he is merely a “chronicler” and “fellow traveller [sic]” of the alt-right: