Internet Trolls to Star in Free Speech ‘Documentary’

Silence of the Trolls

In what will surely be the greatest cinematic endeavor since The Sarkeesian Effect, a group of (mostly) well-known Internet trolls have banded together to create and star in a new SJW-bashing documentary titled Silenced: Our War on Free Speech. Judging from its trailer, it will be focusing on mostly white dudes who lost their jobs or had their Twitter/Facebook accounts suspended for saying inappropriate or offensive things, which is clearly the greatest assault on freedom of speech in recent memory.

According to the film’s official website, Loren Feldman will serve as director. Feldman is the founder of 1938 Media, and has apparently done work for In his bio Feldman states that he “was one of the first people doing video at the Huffington Post,” but was called a “racist” on Gawker after he “made a video years ago about race in tech” — for which he lost a business deal with Verizon. I couldn’t find the original video, and the best I could come up with was this recording of a news story on the subject.

Other members of the Silenced crew include:

  • Mike Cernovich, the film’s executive producer, a Gamergate sympathizer and lawyer who represented the likes of Eron Gjoni. Cernovich, or “Based Lawyer” to his fans, has also boasted on Twitter that his semen is his “life force” and a “super serum” that women can become “addicted to.” Gross.
  • Andrew “weev” Auernheimer, a neo-Nazi hacker who recently forced hundreds of printers across the country to spit out flyers advertising Andrew Anglin’s virulently anti-Semitic website The Daily Stormer — a stunt that might have violated federal law. When he’s not doxxing women or trying to get them fired from video game companies, he’s attempting to convert “shitlibs” into white nationalists, both online and elsewhere. “Now that I’ve perfected this process, I have begun taking it to the streets,” he wrote. “On planes, trains, and in restaurants I approach people cold and convince them to become trainees for the great race war.”
  • Pax Dickinson, the former Business Insider CTO whose sexist and racist Tweets got him fired. Among the more offensive statements made by Dickinson were that the late South African president Nelson Mandela was a “terrorist,” that “women’s suffrage and individual freedom are incompatible,” that porn should be covered by insurance policies alongside birth control, and that “a man who argues on behalf of feminism” is akin to a “Jewish Nazi.”
  • Scott Adams, cartoonist and creator of the brutally unfunny comic strip Dilbert. In 2011, Adams surprised virtually no one when he posted (and quickly deleted) an asinine rant on his personal blog comparing women to the “mentally handicapped” and children who constantly beg for candy. That same year he defended a Republican official who circulated a racist image of President Obama as a chimpanzee by astutely pointing out that some people compared George W. Bush to a monkey as well — as if the two were even remotely similar. Recently he’s taken to praising the likes of billionaire windbag Donald Trump and opining that he might turn to terrorism as well if women stopped having sex with him.
  • Milo Yiannopoulos, the editor of Breitbart Tech who recently wrote a lengthy peon to the white nationalist Alt-Right movement. He once derided gamers until he realized he could latch onto the Gamergate phenomenon and milk it for all it was worth. Since then he’s moved on to trolling college students — a part of his so-called “Dangerous Faggot Tour” — in an effort to spark outrage and online traffic for his employers. The guy sells t-shirts with the slogan “Feminism is Cancer,” what else really needs to be said?

You can watch the ridiculous trailer — complete with ominous music that sounds like it was played on a Casio keyboard — below.

I’ll have more to report on once another trailer is released or I’ve seen the complete movie.