Alex Jones and Anti-Gay Pastor Speculate as to Whether Obama is ‘the Antichrist’

James David Manning
Pastor James David Manning

Several days ago, race-baiting conspiracy theorist Alex Jones interviewed Harlem-based pastor James David Manning.

Manning, who runs the church/hate group Atlah Worldwide, is a virulent homophobe who claimed Jesus would “stone homos” to death, alleged that Starbucks uses “Sodomite semen” to flavor its lattes (earning him mockery at the hands of The Daily Show), announced his support for Donald Trump, and repeatedly referred to pro-gay protesters outside his church as “nigger faggots.”

As you can imagine, Jones and Manning tackled some totally serious subjects, such as whether or not pro-choice protesters, pedophiles, and President Obama are demons.

Jones starts by lauding the great work Pastor Manning (supposedly) does, and commended him for “point[ing] out that fifty-two percent of black people since 1974 never got out of their momma unchopped up.” “Talk about slavery,” he said, “You get chopped up and then sold off — your body parts — for women’s collagen.” Jones even asked his viewers to imagine a version of the critically acclaimed miniseries Roots where a black person is shown being “chopped up” and eaten by slave owners.

Pastor Manning proceeded to move onto the more interesting topic of conversation: demonic possession. “I mean, when you’ve got…Alex, when you have an affection sexually for a five-year-old girl or boy, you’re not human,” he said. “That is not a human spirit. That is not something that is planted within you that belongs to the rest of the world — mainly because it’s rare — but you have to understand then what kind of a spirit would cause you to be able to have such a desire. It’s simply a demon.”

Pastor Manning also, quite predictably, added that these same demons were responsible for “promoting that kind of…ideology in our schools and in our institutions, especially when you talk about homosexuality, or sodomy as I’m given to call it.”

Jones, who in the past has denied being anti-gay, let these comments slide. In fact, instead of correcting Pastor Manning he chose to smear pro-choice protesters as “demonic” as well. Jones stated that when he goes to abortion clinics “to just peacefully do a report,” he is often accosted by “literal Devil-worshiping Communists” who “show up and say, quote, ‘I’m ugly. I stink. I love Satan. I killed my baby.'” I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time believing this ever happened, or, if it did, that these people were serious.

Indeed, Jones cites an actual story from 2013 when Texas was poised to pass its draconian anti-abortion omnibus bill (now before the Supreme Court), in which a small group of protesters taunted pro-lifers with chants of ‘Hail Satan.’ They clearly weren’t literal Satanists, but that didn’t stop Jones from claiming the opposite. Jones again referred to them as “literal Devil worshipers” who are “ugly” with a “green tone” to their flesh.

“I remember you coming on about a year before Obama got elected, and you were basically implying he could be the Antichrist,” he told Pastor Manning. Jones is willing to believe Obama at least carries the “Antichrist spirit,” because during his trip to Cairo he “spoke perfect Arabic” (clearly the language of Satan), he “attacks Christians on Easter,” and he “has flies always landing on him.”

“So, I mean, more and more he really is a demonic creature, his wife is demonic,” Jones added. “Well you know I’ve gone ahead and advanced [the idea that] Obama’s the son of Satan, he’s not just an evil person, he is, indeed, the — if you will — emissary for Satan himself,” Manning replied. In fact, according to Pastor Manning, no other person has brought the “level of evil” to the world that Obama has — not even Mao Tse-tung or Vladimir Lenin. Obama, after all, was able to “flip the script” on Biblical marriage, changing it from “a husband and a wife,” to “two men or two women.”